Hosaf Group

Hosaf Group


The most successful companies are the ones that work out what unique concept they can introduce to the world. Being a rapidly growing company in the private sector manufacturing and services sector in Bangladesh, Hosaf Group has established itself as a company that comes up with innovative products for its customers

The history of the company goes back to mid-seventies when it launched an audacious venture into the area of deep sea fishing which was an unexplored sector at that time. Almost after four decades, Hosaf Group has now established itself as one of the leading business houses in Bangladesh, having a sizeable turnover and a modest team of skilled professionals.


Currently, Hosaf Group has stakes in the financial sector, power and energy sector, LED lights, electric meter, real estate, and the hospitality sector. It has a robust team that always looks for opportunities to explore their new vision for the expansion of the group, both locally and globally.

The group has diversified itself into various subsidiaries which mainly include Hosaf Meter Industry Limited, Hosaf Proficient Energy Limited, Hosaf International Limited, Energyprima Limited, and Citilink Apartment Limited.

And Energyprima is one of the pioneers among the private sector rental power generation in the country with a vision to provide uninterrupted electricity to its customers, driven from the fact that power shortage is a serious challenge to the development of Bangladesh. With the existing rental power plants, Energyprima continue to contribute to the reduction in the power shortage and makes the lives of the people much easier.

Hosaf International Limited is dedicated to providing solar energy solutions to promote green energy in Bangladesh by making energy efficient products which are pollution free, cost saving, eco-friendly and require little maintenance. Hosaf meter industry is another arm of the Hosaf group and is one of the leading electric energy manufacturers in Bangladesh. It has earned the reputation of being a brand that is synonymous to excellent quality. With a team of highly skilled and qualified hardware and software engineers, it has years of experience in development and innovation in order to create high quality, reliable and cost effective products. It wants to nurture a harmonious, efficient and committed workforce by being innovative with its creations, dynamic in its efforts and progressive in every endeavour. It has supplied more than 5 million single phase and three phase meters to different organisations such as Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDP), Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB), Bangladesh Military Ordinance Factory and to others.


The group is committed to providing better facilities to its employees, stakeholders, communities, and is bent on taking care of the environment as well. The charitable pledges and commitments made by the group have strengthened the Bangladeshi community.

It constructed the Bokter Munshi Moazzam Hossain High School in Shonagazi, Feni and has been awarding scholarships to the meritorious students every year to enable them to pursue higher studies, and lays a strong emphasis on moral education.