India-Germany Strengthen Bilateral Ties, Sign 17 MOUs & 5 Joint Declaration

India-Germany Strengthen Bilateral Ties, Sign 17 MOUs & 5 Joint Declaration

In November 2019, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited India and met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and co-chaired the 5th InterGovernmental Consultations (IGC).

Both countries acceded to sign seventeen agreements in the fields of agriculture, ayurveda, maritime technology, migration, occupational diseases and yoga. Five Joint Declarations of Intent were also exchanged on strategic projects, partnership for green urban mobility, research and development on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cooperation in the field of prevention of marine litter.

Following are some significant India-Germany MoUs: An Implementing Arrangement on Exchange of Personnel between ISRO and German Aerospace Centre – Joint Declarations of Intent and MoUs on:

  1. Cooperation in the Field of Civil Aviation
  2. Cooperation within the International Smart Cities Network
  3. Cooperation between the Field of Skills Development and Vocational Education and Training
  4. Strengthening Economic Cooperation in the field of Start-ups
  5. Establishment of Bilateral Cooperation Project regarding Agricultural Market Development
  6. Exchanged between Siemens Limited, India and MSDE and German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development on Skills for Sustainable Growth
  7. Occupational Diseases, Rehabilitation and vocational training of Insured Persons & workers with disabilities