India Helps Afghanistan With 40,000 Litres of Malathion
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India Helps Afghanistan With 40,000 Litres of Malathion

India continues to be generous in helping Afghanistan by supplying the latest 40,000 litres of Malathion pesticide through Chabahar port. Malathion is an environment-friendly pesticide used to fight locust-widespread and is best suited for arid regions.

Afghanistan is currently suffering from a locust menace as they continue to destroy crops in the country. Its spread further endangers neighbouring countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

The consignment of 40,000 Malathion was supplied in two trucks and was officially handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture. The Taliban-controlled Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock expressed their gratitude to India for helping to protect crops and ensuring food security in the nation.

Due to their voracious nature and capacity to destroy vegetation, locusts pose a significant hazard to food security. One of the worst cases was seen in Pakistan in early 2020, where it had to declare a national emergency due to a locust attack.

India continues to help the people of Afghanistan with the supply of wheat and the provision of materials for drug rehabilitation camps run by the UN. Under the partnership of the Indian government and the UN World Food Programme, India has supplied 47,500 metric tonnes of wheat.