India & Japan unite for a free Indo-Pacific, confront China’s expansionist policy

India & Japan unite for a free Indo-Pacific, confront China’s expansionist policy

India and Japan come together to combat the ever-increasing expansionist behavior of China in the Indo-Pacific region. Both countries plan to soon carry out their first-ever air combat exercise with fighter jets, improve their reciprocal military logistics pact and augment the range of defense-industrial collaboration to make the most advanced weapon systems.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and his counterpart Yasukazu Hamada met and discussed the importance of the India-Japan defense partnership and the vital role it will play in clinching a free, open, and rules-based Indo-Pacific region. “We also held extensive discussions on ways to enhance maritime cooperation, including MDA (maritime domain awareness),” Singh said.

While India is struggling with the unceasing military clashes in eastern Ladakh with China, though in some areas, troops have been withdrawn, Japan is strengthening its military potentialities to prepare for any eventuality stemming from the Taiwan Strait crisis.

The India-Japan joint statement considered Tokyo’s decision to scrutinize all options, such as its “counter-strike” capabilities, for its national defense. “The Japanese side expressed its determination to fundamentally reinforce its defense capabilities within the next five years and secure substantial increase of defense budget needed to effect it,” the statement said.

“Acknowledging Japan’s determination to reinforce its defense capabilities, the Indian side expressed its support to work towards enhanced security and defense cooperation,” it added