India Officially Transfers G20 Presidency to Brazil at New Delhi Summit

India Officially Transfers G20 Presidency to Brazil at New Delhi Summit

On September 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded the G20 Summit in New Delhi by symbolically passing the presidency’s gavel to Brazil. During the two-day summit, the G20 officially adopted the New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration after the member states successfully reached a consensus.

The New Delhi Declaration, running into 38 paragraphs, was adopted on September 9 with “100% consensus on all developmental and geo-political issues,” said the Government of India. The declaration was welcomed with G20 members thumping their desks.

Earlier on Saturday, PM Modi called for bridging the “global trust deficit” that had been deepened further by the war in Ukraine, as India proposed a new text on the Ukraine crisis to break the deadlock over the Delhi Declaration.

The New Delhi Leaders Declaration broadly focuses on five key areas: Strong, Sustainable, Balanced, and Inclusive Growth; Accelerating Progress on #SDGs; Green Development Pact for a Sustainable Future; Multilateral Institutions for the 21st Century; and Reinvigorating Multilateralism.

On other key issues, the global leaders announced a multinational rail and ports deal linking the Middle East and South Asia. The African Union formally took its seat as a new member of the G20 at the invitation of summit host and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

During the closing ceremony, PM Modi congratulated Brazil’s President Lula da Silva and officially transferred the leadership of the bloc.