Mahesh Patil

Mahesh Patil

Mr. Mahesh Patil’s role is significant as the Managing Director of the Horizon Group. He has been behind the growth, accomplishments, and strategic direction of the organisation. He developed fresh growth avenues and methods by performing in-depth market research and analysing market trends. Under his leadership, the company marched towards long-term growth and profitability through good strategic planning.


The Horizon Group has significantly expanded and diversified under Mr. Patil’s leadership. His dedication has made the company break into new markets, provide ground-breaking goods and services, and establish powerful alliances. Through his efforts, the organisation has not only broadened its market reach, but also diversified its sources of income, enhancing long-term resilience and stability.

The company has seen increased profitability and maximised return on investment by putting into place good financial management procedures, watching key performance metrics, and optimising resource allocation. Mr. Patil’s vivid knowledge of the market reduced financial risks and secured the company’s financial stability by employing smart risk management techniques.


The dynamic leader believes in developing a skilled and driven workforce. He executed extensive talent development plans at the company with a strong emphasis on leadership development, career advancement, and skill development. He further fosters a healthy workplace culture by promoting creativity, cooperation, and personal growth.

Within the Horizon Group, he has prioritised operational excellence, and achieved better operational effectiveness and productivity by using technology. Streamlining processes and establishing a culture of continuous improvement further reduced costs and boosted customer satisfaction.

As the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Patil focuses on developing strong, cordial relationships with stakeholders. His long-term links with them have improved the Horizon Group’s standing in the marketplace through excellent communication, proactive participation, and a dedication to delivering exceptional value.

With his deep focus and clear vision, the firm has expanded into markets such as India, Canada, the UK, and Europe. His emphasis on strategic planning, business growth, financial performance optimisation, operational efficiency, talent development, and stakeholder engagement has been pivotal in determining the success of the Group and laying the groundwork for further expansion.


Mr. Patil has numerous awards and recognitions to his credit. Under his management, HiresGulf recognised the Horizon Group among the top 10 Fastest Growing Online Job Portals in the Middle East in 2021. Horizon Oil & Gas’ recognition as Global Pioneer in Oil & Gas (Recruitment industry) is another feather in his cap. He was awarded Employee of the Year 2013 by Smou Group and the Excellent Performer Award in 2014. For his credibility and vision, Delta Group conferred on him the Global Visionary Award in 2016. The young leader was also featured in The Energy Year (2021) and Khaleej Times (2022).