India to Send More Military Attaches to Africa

India to Send More Military Attaches to Africa

In a major step towards boosting India-Africa ties, the Government of India has announced to post more Defence Attaches (DAs) in African nations. The DAs will include officers from all three defence services of the Indian Army, Navy, and the Air Force.

The Indian Army has decided to send DAs to Mozambique and Ethiopia. The Indian Navy, which already has Naval Attaches (NAs) in Kenya and South Africa, will post new NAs to Djibouti and Tanzania. A new Additional Air Attache (AA) will be appointed to serve in Ivory Coast, besides new AAs to be sent to Spain and Armenia. The appointed DAs will have a three-year tenure.

Sources from the three services confirmed to media that “more positions for DAs in Africa are under consideration.” Till some time back all three Armed Forces were sending envoys to over 100 Indian missions abroad.

In September 2023, with India’s support, the African Union became a permanent member of the Group of 20 (G20) largest economies of the world. In addition, India has contributed to Africa’s military, social and economic sectors to further enhance stable and long-term bilateral relationships.

India will continue to work with African nations to promote regional security, foster stability and enhance the defence capabilities together, said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during the first edition of the India-Africa Army Chiefs’ Conclave organised on the sidelines of 2nd Africa-India Joint Exercise ‘AFINDEX’ in Pune, Maharashtra on March 28, 2023.