Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Can Self-Calibrate Limbs, Do Yoga

Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Can Self-Calibrate Limbs, Do Yoga

Optimus, the humanoid robot of US multinational automotive and clean energy company Tesla, can perform a variety of tasks such as yoga and sorting blocks by colour independently.

In a video shared by the company, the robot demonstrated its ability to sort objects fast and with ease like a human. When intervened by a human in the task, Optimus rapidly adapted to the change and went on to complete the task.

The robot can also perform yoga poses. The poses require standing on one leg and extending its limbs, to display its balance and flexibility. As per the video, Optimus is now capable of self-calibrating its arms and legs. It can also precisely locate its limbs in space using vision and joint position encoders.

The video was shared by the official Tesla Optimus account on X on September 24. The video also reveals that TeslaBot is now running on the same end-to-end neural network as the Tesla cars, which can process video input and generate control output. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reacted to the video with one word, “Progress.”