IPL To Introduce Smart Replay System To Boost Speed And Accuracy

IPL To Introduce Smart Replay System To Boost Speed And Accuracy

The introduction of a Smart Replay System (SRS) in the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) aims to revolutionise decision-making processes, enhancing both speed and accuracy.

According to a report, SRS will integrate the TV umpire directly with operators of the Hawk-Eye system, who will be stationed alongside, providing inputs based on images captured from eight high-speed cameras strategically positioned around the ground.

This innovative setup eliminates the need for a TV broadcast director to act as an intermediary between the umpire and the Hawk-Eye operators, streamlining the decision-making process. With access to more visuals, including split-screen images, the TV umpire will be equipped to make well-informed decisions promptly. Furthermore, live broadcasting of interactions between the TV umpire and Hawk-Eye operators will offer viewers insight into the decision-making rationale.

The SRS promises to enhance decision-making across various scenarios, such as judging catches near boundary ropes, instances of caught behind, leg-before-wicket decisions, stumpings, and even catches taken inches above the turf. To prepare for its implementation, the BCCI organised a comprehensive two-day workshop for a select group of umpires, encompassing both Indian and overseas officials, who will be involved in utilising the system during the IPL.