PM Modi Praises Punjab’s 15-year-old Badminton Player Tanvi Sharma

PM Modi Praises Punjab’s 15-year-old Badminton Player Tanvi Sharma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hailed the exceptional performance of 15-year-old badminton prodigy Tanvi Sharma from Punjab. Sharma’s stellar displays at both national and international levels during the 2023 Badminton Championships have captured the nation’s attention, particularly her gold medal triumph at the Senior Asian Championship in Malaysia.

PM Modi conveyed heartfelt congratulations on behalf of the entire nation, recognising her outstanding achievements on the global stage. Through initiatives like the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS), he stressed the government’s commitment to supporting athletes through access to top-tier training facilities and global coaching expertise.

In praising Sharma’s profound influence on the younger generation, PM Modi acknowledged her crucial contribution to inspiring hundreds of ambitious athletes throughout the nation. He stressed how Sharma’s accomplishments not only promote a flourishing athletic ethos but also align with the Fit India movement.

Sharma, deeply moved by the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement, expressed immense pride and happiness, viewing the letter as a testament to her dedication and hard work in badminton. She vowed to continue striving for excellence in the sport and looked forward to representing India in future international competitions.

PM Modi wished Sharma the best of luck for upcoming events, including the Paris Olympics in 2024.