Iqbal Hussain Kazi

Iqbal Hussain Kazi


Under Mr. Kazi’s leadership, the company has grown from strength to strength in the last decade, which has also witnessed the unparalleled economic growth of the tate of Kuwait. is rm has been established on the strong pillars of legacy, integrity, honesty and trust, which gives it an edge over others in the way business operations are carried out. The organization’s commitment to safety and quality form the core of its trade. Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company has been actively contributing to the growth and development of the nation through its diverse ongoing and completed projects. Under the expert guidance of leaders like Mr. Kazi, ASTC has been envisioning its future path by generating value for its likeminded and esteemed clients with the help of its extremely able workforce.

The organization takes pride in having a dedicated and procient set of employees. The company has always given importance to job safety, optimistic thinking and a result-oriented approach, which are evident from the successful completion of its previous projects. AlShaheen Technical Contracting Company is a brand that is highly trusted and this can be witnessed in its numerous ongoing projects with various other conglomerates.

Mr. Kazi is an accountable leader who ensures that there is sustainability & stability in all the works undertaken by the rm.e gives credit for his success to his mentor Mr. Shaheen Pervaiz who not only supported him but also gave a direction to his endeavors.


A well-established business in Civil and General Construction Work, AlShaheen Technical Contracting Company also dabbles in interior solutions. It offers comprehensive, high-quality & competitively-priced solutions in the commercial & residential interior construction space. It also has a strong presence in the eld of ponsorship and Commercial Agencies, in which it aids foreign companies to gain a foothold in Kuwait. This involves providing visa services & admin support to these companies alongside other services. Supplying manpower is another service that it offers. Moreover, the company also offers rental equipment. From hydraulic cranes and boom trucks to excavators and forklifts, they have it all under one roof.


Mr. Kazi has ensured its smooth functioning. His vigorous efforts have been duly recognized and acknowledged in the form of the awards he has received. He has been conferred with the Global Visionary Award by the Vision World Academy for his remarkale efcienc in strategic project planning. It is also a testimony to his impeccable leadership, which has furthered the prospects & reputation of his rm as a giant civil services provider across multiple sectors such as Power, Oil as. nder his supervision, the rm is also the recipient of International Star for Leadership in Quality Award, Paris, in 2011. It has also received appreciation from various clients including Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. & SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation.