Shilpa Mittal Jewellery

Shilpa Mittal Jewellery

Hailing from the Pink City of Jaipur, the land of spirited lifestyle and vast cultural heritage, Shilpa ventured out to bring authentic Indian art to the global stage. After completing a degree in jewellery designing from SNDT, Mumbai, she began working and mastered the art further at a jewellery manufacturing firm in Bangkok.

In a country where owning precious ornaments stands for tradition, culture, and status, Shilpa’s aesthetic and wellcrafted jewellery collections represent India’s heritage, and appeal to her growing clientele. She acknowledges that the jewellery industry will continue to thrive with the growing demand for wearing jewellery.


The story of Indian jewellery dates back to over 5,000 years, and every piece of Shilpa Mittal Jewellery portrays it through the designer’s connection with her roots, values, and ethnicity. Her brand employs craftsmen facing the threat of unemployment amidst rapid automation. Her deep sense of gratitude for artisans (karigars) and their works (karigari) guides her business and opens more avenues to provide them with means of sustenance.

Shilpa foresees a promising future for the Indian jewellery sector. Gold is no more just an asset or a gift for special occasions but a precious ornament for everyday style statement. With changing times and trends, the desire for owning and wearing jewellery is growing even stronger and is here to stay.


With increasing demand and high valuation, the gem and jewellery industry is still resilient amidst the global pandemic. Shilpa Mittal Jewellery creates pieces that are a masterful blend of design, technique, and the Indian craftsmanship. Her collections Taraash and Aakriti are handcrafted high-end jewellery pieces that reflect India’s diverse heritage, art forms, intricate details of jewellery designing.

Aakriti, her award-winning jewellery collection, is a blend of indigenous art that embeds its classic design with royal lifestyles, religion, and folklore to complement the Indian as well as the western attire as statement jewellery. Set in 22 carats gold, the collection matches Indian women’s love for jewellery and showcases miniature illustrations on ivory plates, beaded in exquisite gemstones with accents of polki and diamonds. Another prominent collection Taraash draws inspiration from the art of stone carving, where every creative expression honours the age-old Indian artistry.


Shilpa’s creativity in the sphere of jewellery designing has been recognized at many prestigious platforms. She has bagged numerous awards including India’s Best Jewellery Designer and Businesswomen Award by India Leadership Awards in 2019. What’s more, she has received the prestigious Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the National Excellence Awards. A multitalented person, Shilpa is also the winner of the coveted Mrs. India Universe 2019 pageant held in Pune.