Jadapalli Haritha

Jadapalli Haritha

Jadapalli Haritha, along with her sister Jadapalli Vineetha, is motivated to bring ground-breaking infrastructural changes to Hyderabad, and has been successful in her pursuits. She has utilized her repository of knowledge and entrepreneurial skills towards becoming one of the top real estate luminaries in Hyderabad.

Haritha began her journey with an aim to make infrastructure and real estate affordable and raising the standards according to customers’ expectations. She took hold of her responsibilities at quite a young age and has won laurels because of her pioneering work since then.

Renowned for her exceptional sales and negotiation skills, Haritha easily cracks deals which may seem to be difficult otherwise. The communication skills expected of a successful lawyer are personified in Haritha, who has changed the dynamics of real estate entrepreneurship. She has diligently utilized her negotiation skills in bringing real estate to the masses, and making it a necessary utility rather than a premium privilege of just a few.

Not acting simply as a boss but as an equal contributor, Haritha not only leads efficiently, but also guides her employees by participating equally in activities that spell success for the company. She is adept at handling clients and ensures that they get value-for-money products and services. Her interpersonal skills while dealing with clients and her agility in handling and driving sales has made her a force to reckon with in the real estate sector. These few qualities inherent in Haritha have not only made substantial progress in the success of the JSR Group of Companies, but in Hyderabad as well, and as a corollary, to the state of Telangana.

Haritha has carried the legacy created and established by her father in the real estate business, extremely decently on her shoulders, and she and her sister Vineetha have been a source of optimistic energy for the company and the city they are working for every day. Both the sisters are responsible for the successful launch of successive projects in the real estate and infrastructure sector.


Jadapalli Haritha is jumping from one milestone to the next with her directorship at the JSR Group of Companies and has set extremely high standards in an industry which is infamous for delays. She has ensured timely and affordable delivery of premium real estate projects so that the customers feel like kings in their homes.

The result of Haritha’s sheer efforts, diligence, support to team members, and thorough understanding of customers’ preferences have all led to unfathomable growth of the JSR Group and the real estate and infrastructure sector altogether. Under her stewardship, the company has negotiated and closed multiple B2B deals to provide the best of properties in the residential and commercial sector.

Owing to her dedicated efforts, JSR Group of Companies have bagged numerous awards and accolades for its contribution to the industry and the society at large. This could not have been possible without the insightful approach and business leadership of its Director, Jadapalli Haritha. Haritha has been at the helm of affairs at the JSR Group of Companies and strives to make Hyderabad, and thereafter Telangana the most advanced city and state when it comes to real estate and infrastructure.