Dr. Rajnish Tyagi

Dr. Rajnish Tyagi

An alumnus of the Bombay Veterinary College, Dr. Rajnish Tyagi graduated in 2002 and set up his own private practice at Meerut. He is one of the leading veterinarians of the state. He established Tyagi Dog Hospital as a very reliable and preferred center for treatment of pets.

Pet parents have a great faith and regard for Dr. Rajnish for his humane and comforting approach to animal health. In the course of his work, Dr. Rajnish observed the scarcity of medicines that small animal practitioners face while treating animals. Due to their low profitability, some of the commonly required medicines are not available in veterinary pharmacies. Further, pharmaceuticals for humans cannot be substituted for vet formulations. This lacuna has been filled by Hatvet Pharma Private Limited, a veterinary pharma company founded by Dr. Rajnish Tyagi in January 2019. It is driven by a vision to provide affordable and quality medications to pets.


Under his leadership, Hatvet Pharma Private Limited sells veterinary pharmaceuticals at wholesale prices throughout India. In a small span of just over a year, the company has more than 45 products already listed on their portal and many more are in the pipeline. The formulations are such that the recurring needs of the vet pharma industry are fulfilled. As a practicing vet, he has the insight required to decide on the right strength and getting approval for the use of these formulations.

The team under guidance of Dr. Rajnish micromanages the quality of the products at every step – right from selecting the raw material for the final formulations, following aseptic precautions during manufacturing, and storage, till the delivery of the required formulation to the end users. These steps have gone a long way in building an unshakable bond of faith between the company and its clients.


The success of this venture lies in its model wherein the company decided that the products be sold through registered veterinarians only. The products are not available in the open market but rather exclusively available through its website. To facilitate their business model and validate its proper end users, the company has a membership system, which allows only state-registered practicing vets as clients. The registration certificate needs to be submitted to obtain membership. Thereafter, the client can thus purchase and resell the required products to pet parents, the end users.

Products are couriered to the clients or directly bought from the company office. The absence of a distribution channel in the open market ensures that products are authentic and remain affordable without undue markups down the distributor network. All products are delivered right at the doorstep without the involvement of any intermediaries, thus keeping the prices and quality of meds affordable and genuine respectively.


Dr. Rajnish Tyagi has invested all his available resources and savings in this dream project. The R&D activities, production, logistics, workforce management, time management, technolegal knowledge, and financial viability of the project have been micromanaged by him at every level and step of the journey.