Jadapalli Vineetha

Jadapalli Vineetha

The dedication that Vineetha has shown, not only to the JSR Group of companies, but also the real estate industry is noteworthy. Her efforts have shown direct results in improving the real estate sector and infrastructure in Hyderabad. This has led to the development of a city as one of the fastest growing cities in the country. She understands that availability, quality, and standard of the housing and office facilities in a city are a measure of its infrastructural development. Keeping this in mind, she aims to make JSR a dedicated organisation that provides all the services required for Hyderabad’s infrastructural growth. Vineetha has therefore become an exemplary role model and an epitome of entrepreneurial leadership for creating accommodation and commercial spaces to meet the needs of a large population relocating to this beautiful city.

Vineetha’s capabilities have brought in more responsibilities for her. Besides managing the real estate business of the JSR Group, she is also the director at Jadapalli Broadcasting Private Limited and Jadapalli Ecopolytech India Private Limited.

Her outstanding performance as a leader has resulted in she being put at the forefront to run more companies under her astute command and make JSR Group grow by leaps and bounds.


The JSR Group of Companies, under the leadership of Jadapalli Vineetha, has thrived manifold because of its focused efforts and effective execution of action plans. As a growth and success-oriented visionary, Vineetha leads with the goal of taking the company to greater heights.

With quantifiable results of her efforts and achievements, JSR Group of Companies is set to soar even higher. By winning laurels in real estate business, a primarily male-dominated field, Vineetha has not only been inspiring and showing way to other women, but also paving the way to gender parity in the real estate sector.

Under her exemplary leadership, the company has successfully launched a palatial and well-furnished officespace alongside subletting and managing several realty units for various individuals, corporate clients, and other owners. Further, the organisation has also partnered with leading real estate and infrastructure firms to start new ventures in Hyderabad .

Putting a spotlight on Vineetha’s professional excellence, the JSR Group has won an array of awards which have been conferred on the company and its leader for creating unparalleled industrial benchmarks. This has contributed to raising the level of efforts required by other entrepreneurs and real estate developers and agents in Hyderabad. All this can be duly credited to this leading lady of JSR Group of Companies. With a number of unique and premium residential and commercial real estate projects being launched and in process under her able leadership, she has been playing a key role in transforming the real estate sector in Hyderabad.

Veenitha has directed the company’s efforts towards embracing innovation in design, architecture, and marketing to address housing and property needs of individuals and corporates alike. Since she has come on board and taken the responsibilities of this expansive business on her shoulders, the company has grown year on year with a great success record.