Letstrack is an innovative real-time GPS tracking and messaging solution that has emerged as one of the largest GPS-enabled real time tracking companies in Asia, having a strong presence in India, the United Kingdom (UK), and Sri Lanka since 2015 with over 3000+ technicians and 30+ support centres providing exceptional customer support. The company provides real-time tracking solutions in even the remotest areas by tracking the GSM (Global System of Mobile Communication) frequency. Renowned as the world’s first voice integrated vehicle security system with the largest offline distribution, it enables its customers with a fool-proof security solution that helps track the vehicles of a family and displays the history of their vehicles on an easy-to use screen equipped with a GPS tracking system.


Letstrack’s tracking device offers a user-friendly interface available for personal and commercial vehicles and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The company has humanised technology with brilliance and presented it in the form of a personal GPS tracking device that can be easily placed in the pocket. The device is ideal for the safety of children, teenagers, women as well as elders. It tracks the entire movement of a carrier and immediately sends an alert in case of any ensuing threat. The vehicle tracking device not only provides 24 hours real-time tracking, but also offers several added features, including assessment of the driver’s behaviour, anti-theft alarm, accident alert, and fuel detector.


Letstrack has also made a major breakthrough in the field by becoming the first company to integrate AI and Voice Recognition in its app. Now all a person has to do is,say ‘Okay Google, where’s my car’ and the app will reply with the exact location and details. This makes the app even more intuitive, easy and simple to use. Now, you can just use voice command on your phone to know your vehicle’s speed, its fuel consumption and even the status of your air-conditioner. Even more than that, just saying ‘Good night’ will switch-off the car, and saying ‘Good morning’ will switch it on. All of this and more can all be done with the help of voice recognition. So, all you have to do is sit back and command your phone and it will all be taken care of in real time by Letstrack.


Letstrack is leading the market with its unique and exclusive services featured in application software meant for business assistance. It offers an array of GPSbased solutions, including LT-Customise, LTSafe, LT-Attendance, LT-Claim, LT-School, and LT-Profit. LT-Customise is an initiative of Letstrack GPS Solutions for improving business transparency. Similarly, LT-Safe has been designed to keep employees safe anytime, anywhere. LT-Attendance enables the client’s company to manage its employees’ attendance records and maintains transparency by sending a notification to the employees about their daily/monthly attendance details. LTSchool manages a fleet of school buses and school cabs proficiently by tracking their location and distance from their bus stop. Letstrack was awarded the best GPS company in India in 2017.