Lion Dr. Y. Kiron

Lion Dr. Y. Kiron

On Top of the World

Committed to impact as many lives and touch as many hearts as possible, Lion Dr. Kiron is such a dynamic personality that he leaves an ever-lasting impact on every mind he meets, so people look up to him for creating avenues where they can walk, and at the same time his personality is so subtle that it attracts everyone who meets him and gets familiar with his high-powered way of living

“Serving as Chief Executive Officer of Suchirindia Infratech (P) Limited, Dr. Kiron is popularly known as Lion Kiron because of his youthful and enthusiastic disposition”

A Farsighted Leader

In the year 2005, Dr. Kiron laid the foundation stone of an infrastructure company that is today one of the leading real estate brands in the industry – Suchirindia Infratech (P) Limited. The company headquartered in Hyderabad is building world-class projects in multiple sectors – railways (Infrastructure), affordable homes, luxury villas (Real Estate), and state-of-the-art theme resorts (Hospitality).

Under the farsighted leadership of Dr. Kiron, the company has grown to create a rich, vibrant and diverse range of portfolio of projects, experience, expertise and exposure in executing large projects, possessing the necessary skills and capabilities, and is uniquely placed to take up the challenges in future.

Serving as Chief Executive Officer of Suchirindia Infratech (P) Limited, Dr. Kiron is popularly known as Lion Kiron because of his youthful and enthusiastic disposition. Of course, his distinct attitude wins over everyone who meets him.

His attractive personality and diversified knowledge of the real estate sector has played a significant role in his company’s extraordinary success. Dr. Kiron calls his growth a case of metamorphosis where with every passing day he labored hard, and with a white heat of desire to make his dreams come true, he moved ahead overcoming any challenge that came his way through only self belief, dedication and sheer determination to succeed.

The Knight in Shining Armor

Through the window of his multi-storey office, he never misses the sight of small
poor children begging at an age when they should be growing themselves and acquiring knowledge that would help them lead a better life, and this has led him to establish a foundation that would care and help these children with food, education, nutrition and every other thing that a normal child wishes to have. Suchirindia Foundation is trengthening the lives in need by uplifting the soul-of-life through paving the path full of options while raising up to be transcended.

Dr. Kiron is also a wonderful writer and is fond of penning down his thoughts and experiences and believes that this helps him pass on the legacy. Some of his writings have successfully been printed as books and have been appreciated by a big bunch of readers.

And then, he might have his diary full of appointments and work, but Dr. Kiron does take out time to swing his golf club some time or the other. The sprawling lush green fields are a stress-buster for him, and he also likes to travel and horse ride, as he believes that fitness is an important element of life and to continue doing good for the society one needs to be fit. Thus, he makes sure that he burns some calories every morning in his personal gym.

A Dreamer & An Achiever

Firmly believing in the power of dreams, Lion Dr. Y. Kiron feels that to be an achiever tomorrow you need to be a dreamer today. His powerful achievements have been well recognized by the industry, and he has won several awards including the Hall of Fame Award from United States Martial Arts Academy, National Citizens Award, Rashtriya Ratan Award and many more; however, believing in a unique philosophy, he is quite humble and benevolent, and more than awards is keen on winning hearts.