Sudhir Peter

Sudhir Peter


Chasing a childhood dream and turning it into a lifetime achievement – If anyone is looking for an example of such a feat, you don’t have to look far

“He believe innovative management practices will help in transforming the company”

Sudhir Peter’s achievement as Managing Director of Sheenlac Paints Ltd is one such phenomenal journey. While at school, Sudhir’s role model was one of India’s greatest industrialists and icon Shri Dhirubai Ambani. When he moved to college, he realized that his heart’s calling was to transform his father’s Industrial Thinners & Wood Varnish business into a full-fledged Paint company. Sudhir pursued his graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and followed it up with a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.Mrs. &Mr. John Peter (Sudhir’s parents) have always been his inspiration and motivational force. His sister Mrs. Shirley George was supportive of all his endeavours. Sudhir Peter’s wife has been his support during the ups & downs of life. He fondly refers to his children as his “stress busters”.


Sudhir Peter started his career in Sheenlac as ‘Director – Sales’ with a mission to make it the best paint company in India. He realized that this mission involved 3 Ps – Products, Process and People. Working on these 3 variables he went about setting developmental goals – both short term and long term. All through his tenure at Sheenlac, he has always attempted to change the rules of the category and emerge as an innovator. His father had already pioneered two such innovations. The company had launched a non-alcoholic wood polishing the 70’s which proved to be a winning move. The company broke convention in 1983 and marketed Thinners in PET bottles. When Sudhir took over the reins of the company he leveraged this maverick culture and brought in several Process & People related innovations. He added many new products & increased the distribution network to cover the entire country. He positioned Sheenlac as a value-for-money brand with the highest standards of quality.

Today, Sheenlac employs over 700 employees across various manufacturing facilities and 27 branch offices. Sheenlac has been able to expand its market presence not just because of market potential but also because of its policy to empower people. Sudhir is a people’s person. He strongly believes in training and the creation of an “ownership mindset” among his employees.


Sudhir has remained unfazed during difficult times by just continuing to focus on his goal. Under his inspirational leadership Sheenlac has emerged as a huge force to reckon with in the paint industry. Sheenlac is currently ranked among the top 5 paint companies in India. Over the past 50 years, Sheenlac has become synonymous with wood finishes, automotive and decorative paints in India. In his quest for growth, Sudhir was inspired to go for joint venture partnerships as it was very much in the direction of his overall vision for the organization. Sheenlac set foot in Sri Lanka with Sheenlac Paints Lanka Ltd. Today Exports are also made to the Middle East, Vietnam & Mauritius. This was followed by a joint venture
partnership with Noroo Coatings, Korea – making it the largest paint company in South India. Sheenlac has recently entered into another significant joint venture partnership
with Jenson & Nicholson (I) Ltd – India’s second oldest paint company, for marketing decorative paints.

Mr. Sudhir’s goal is to make Sheenlac the largest paint company in India. He believes innovative management practices will help in transforming the company. The credo of Sheenlac is “why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Sudhirpoints to his perseverance
and unflinching determination as the reasons behind hissuccess. Apart from being at the helm of affairs at Sheenlac, Sudhir Peter is associated with the Boards of many companies. He is also a philanthropist who is involved in various social service activities.