Magnom Properties

Magnom Properties


Magnom Properties is one of the most recent, significant, and esteemed real estate development firms in Egypt. With a focus on tradition, design brilliance, build quality, and timely delivery, it shapes new lifestyles with Rawabi Saudi and Magnom Holdings’ combined historical resources and expertise in the industry.

Since 1999, Magnom Properties, a division of Rawabi Holdings in Saudi Arabia, has grown successfully to continually adapt to the creative and innovative changes in the logistical and maritime construction fields to provide integrated solutions for every project. The success of the company is inextricably linked to the specific needs of its clients.
Magnom views client requests as new chances to enhance its services. It focuses on creating high-end, sophisticated structures to become the preferred builder for high-net-worth individuals in the area. It facilitates a luxurious lifestyle in posh locations with advanced services and amenities. The main goal is establishing itself as the region’s most prestigious real estate developer with recognisable green footprints in Egypt.
The firm has developed a reputation for superior performance, logistical expertise, resource management, and stringent quality control.


Under the direction of Mr. Othman A. Ibrahim, CEO, Rawabi Holdings; Vice Chairman, Board of Directors; and Vice Chairman, Magnom Properties, the company is committed to consistently evaluating business prospects, growing, and expanding while utilizing all available resources and skills to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Over the years, it has broadened its investment reach by owning and managing subsidiary businesses, including its family enterprises, Magnom Construction, Magnom Logistics, Magnom Mining, Magnom Properties, Magnom Free Zone, Millennium Secure Solutions, and Egypt Ports. The parent company now encourages and directs the growth of the firms that make up its portfolio under the direction of a business team with extensive technical and managerial expertise across sectors.


Magnom Properties is looking for ways to combat climate change. Its design philosophy emphasises sustainable components and adheres to essential characteristics, including human-centered design, resilience and future-readiness, low carbon emissions, efficiency, and value. It focuses on reducing its carbon footprint, conserving water as an invaluable asset, automated HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) field devices, creating a setting of exceptional comfort, and incorporating functionality and durability into its structures. At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Magnom Properties and Forbes unveiled cooperative plans to construct a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly tower, in the centre of Cairo, Egypt’s New Administrative Capital. For the project, the realty company has partnered with Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the architects behind the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa and the award-winning architecture firm specialised in building energy-efficient and sustainable projects globally. The Forbes International Tower ushers in a new era in building design as the company works with Forbes to achieve a zero-carbon approach. On the final day of the WEF 2023, the commercial tower was officially unveiled as part of the cooperation, which is the first such initiative by Forbes.


In addition to providing a wide range of services and custom packages, Magnom’s experts work to expand its business portfolio in terms of service types and scopes. It takes pride in its history and the entrepreneurial spirit that has helped Magnom grow into a conglomerate that can provide its customers with high-quality, customized packages. The company’s strong performance will support its further expansion and enable it to concentrate on tactical initiatives with the potential to increase its value.