Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital

Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital

Over the years, Malla Reddy Narayana MultiSpeciality Hospital has evolved into a reliable multispecialty hospital with a solid reputation in its field. It has a long history of providing high-quality healthcare services and clinical excellence. The 750-bed corporate hospital is NABH and NABL accredited, with seven intensive care units (ICUs) totaling 200 beds. Additionally, it also houses two cath labs, 30 dialysis units, and 12 modular operating rooms.

The multispecialty hospital strives to provide comprehensive healthcare under one roof to its patients. It offers top-of-the-line care in several specialties, including neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, psychiatry, cardiology, urology, and much more. The hospital is managed by a team of 110 highly qualified consultants, specialists, over 800 paramedics, and other support staff members dedicated to providing the best possible care to ailing patients.


The hospital attracts patients not only from Hyderabad but all corners of South India and other States. It believes compassionate care makes a profound impact on the patient experience. Therefore, it fosters a healthy work environment where staff members are collaborative and dedicated to providing compassionate care to every patient. The doctors and staff respect each patient’s individuality and treat them as individuals with dignity. Additionally, it promotes a culture of respect that increases productivity, innovation, and resilience.

The way it ensures privacy, cleanliness, and quiet surroundings for its patients, aside from creating a pleasing physical environment, speaks volumes about the respect it has for its patients. The hospital has also been providing comprehensive treatment for Covid-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic. Covid and non-Covid patients receive separate treatments in the hospital to ensure patient safety.


As part of its mission to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost, the hospital has entered the field of Oncology to offer the most advanced treatment and prevent this fatal disease, with the intention to provide the best possible treatment and timely response and support. With a team of highly-trained oncologists, multidisciplinary specialists, certified technicians, and certified support staff, the hospital now offers holistic treatment options for all types of cancers.


As one of the top hospitals in South India, Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital uses the most advanced healthcare technology to offer healthcare services of unrivaled quality. The healthcare facility is committed to providing the cutting-edge technology and support necessary for accurate diagnosis and line of treatment. It continually keeps updating its equipment and services to offer the latest in high-tech medical care.


It aspires to be at the frontline of serving the underprivileged by providing optimal healthcare services at a low cost, all while demonstrating expert knowledge, kindness, and sophisticated infrastructure. Delivering care with compassion is the hospital’s underpinning philosophy, which motivates it to do everything it can to ease the suffering of those in its care.