Mexico Presidential Frontrunner Pledges $13.6 Billion For Energy Investments
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Mexico Presidential Frontrunner Pledges $13.6 Billion For Energy Investments

Claudia Sheinbaum, the leading contender for Mexico’s forthcoming presidential election in June, has unveiled an ambitious plan to invest $13.57 billion in new energy generation projects up to 2030. This proposal signifies a marked departure from the current administration’s emphasis on strengthening the state oil company, Pemex, over renewable energy sources.

Sheinbaum’s programme is geared towards ramping up wind and solar power generation while modernising five hydroelectric plants. During a meeting with Mexican business leaders on Monday, she stressed the imperative of accelerating the adoption of renewable energies, aiming to integrate an additional 13.66 gigawatts into the energy grid.

Moreover, Sheinbaum has expressed a commitment to aligning with international climate change agreements, extending the scope of her energy plan to 2050. If elected, she would make history as Mexico’s first female president, serving until 2030.

Despite her close affiliation with current President Lopez Obrador, Sheinbaum enjoys a comfortable lead of more than 20 percentage points over her nearest rival, Xochitl Galvez, in the polls. She has promised to carry out the policies put in place by her predecessor while shifting the emphasis to renewable energy.

Her proposed plan also calls for the building of gas-burning power plants, demonstrating a sophisticated approach to energy policy.