Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

With a rich legacy of more than 90 years and a great range of customer friendly plans and policies, Commercial Bank of Ceylon has retained its position as the numero uno bank in the country. Further, it has been featured among the top 1000 banks of the world for eight consecutive years. Its success in winning the trust of its customers is evident from the fact that it became the first private bank to reach the momentous feat of having assets worth more than one trillion rupees. It also accounts for the largest market capitalisation among all listed banks in Sri Lanka and has a relatively higher capital adequacy ratio. All these feats reflect transparency, accountability, and sound financial strength of this financial institution.


With a rich history of unparalleled growth and achievements, the bank has made a distinctive mark in the Sri Lankan banking history by providing superlative service and technological superiority. It has totally transformed the banking experience by introducing customer-oriented services and products that cater to almost every financial need of the customers. Over the past 98 years, it has grown to 266 branches and established the country’s single largest ATM network. The strategically located network of branches and Iconic finance service points all over the island ensures quick & easily accessible banking solutions. Unique products and services, superior service, efficient and customised solutions have made the bank a preferred choice of everyone.

It demonstrates world class expertise in the sphere of retail banking and securitised instruments. The wide range of financial products and services includes different types of bank accounts for children, teens, youth, women, senior citizens, executives, and corporate. . Furthermore, its extensive portfolio of loan products comprises retail deposits and advances, SME banking, micro financing, bancassurance, Islamic banking, Elite Banking, Credit and Debit cards, Remittances, securitised instruments, and corporate banking products along with trade financing services.


In the age of digitisation a bank needs to provide solid e-banking solutions. Commercial Bank of Ceylon has introduced innovative automated banking centres, self-service touchscreens and automated instant cash and cheque deposit machines to make banking convenient.


While consistently working on its mission of becoming the most technologically advanced, innovative and customer-friendly financial services organisation in the country, Commercial Bank of Ceylon has also geared up for further expansion in Asia. The organisation is bent on providing convenient, reliable, innovative and customer- friendly financial services to its customers by utilising cutting-edge technology, focusing on productivity improvement, and expanding its team of financial experts for serving the customers even better.