MF Utilities

MF Utilities

Since its inception, MF Utilities has been striving to offer a scalable, cost-efficient, & future-ready infrastructure for Mutual Funds to benefit its stakeholders by facilitating domestic as well as global transactions.


The firm increases its efficiency through regular standardization and consolidation. It embraces efficient processes to facilitate a higher volume of transactions by removing existing duplications, thus, providing convenience to all stakeholders.


It has facilitated transactions worth thousands of crores daily with more than 90% of them being paperless. Its technology infrastructure has been devised taking into consideration the crucial aspects of information security, integrity, scalability, integrity, availability and efficiency. The company works across mobiles, tablets, and desktop interfaces.

In order to provide enhanced convenience to the distributors and clients, the company launched eCAN — an electronic account opening option for existing KYC-compliant individual investors. It has also launched a mobile app named goMF to help distributors create transactions anytime, anywhere.

Introducing innovative features is a continuous process at MF Utilities as it believes in creating advanced processes for facilitating easy mutual fund transactions.