Microsoft India

Microsoft India

They visualized, they executed, and they conquered the minds of billions of people of the world through their computer software skills and created a history that catapults the outlook of the users. Microsoft founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975, in Mexico to develop and sell BASIC interpreters; soon they dominated the world by developing, selling, licensing, and manufacturing computer software solutions, consumer electronics, and personal computers.


The vision of the world soon widened to the charisma of a digital world and technological advances developed by Microsoft, empowering the people, the corporate world, and the Government through their path breaking programmes like MS Office and Windows. The spectrum of the users changed as their vision penetrated through zenithal information, synchronized by Microsoft’s software programmes while their revenue touched a staggering US$89.95 billion and the number of employees worldwide to a whopping 124,000.


Located in Hyderabad, extending their footprints in India in the year 1990, the Microsoft India Development Centre (MSiDC) is Microsoft’s largest software development center outside of their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Presently, having offices in 9 Indian cities and employing approximately 6,500 people, it focuses towards becoming a key partner of the Indian Government and the local IT industry to support, empower, and be the catalyst to fuel the growth of the local IT industry through its partner enablement programmes. Microsoft intends to digitalize India, contribute towards sustainable economic growth, and social development committing them towards creating-greener, smarter, healthier, and prosperous cities. In synchrony with their mission to enhance India’s inclusive development, they empower startups and smart ideas, collaborate with them and become their reckoning force to present them in the market and become part of a steadily moving smarter India.

Microsoft paces their moves according to the growing needs by putting their clients at the centre, innovating constantly to reinvent productivity and business process, creating intelligent cloud platforms and linking the world through more personal computing solutions.