Minhaj Ahmed

Minhaj Ahmed

Minhaj, through business expansion and diversification, is making a strong impact by promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, leading to significant employment opportunities in the Food & Beverages sector. As Minhaj states, his father’s persistence and hard work led the company to the pinnacle of success. He learnt the business fundamentals from his father, whom he considers to be his mentor and inspiration. He attributes his success to his father’s upbringing.


As the head of one of the oldest ventures in Bangladesh’s FMCG industry, Minhaj ensures meeting the rigorous quality standards and strict adherence to international manufacturing practices such as the Good Agriculture Practice (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Handling Practice (GHP), and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). In addition, Ahmed Foods also implements the ISO and BSTI standards.


Minhaj is associated with many governing bodies for implementing food standards. He is the Chairman of ‘Food Safety & Factory Development Sub Committee’ of Bangladesh Agro-Processing Association and ‘Fruits and Vegetables Products Sectional Committee’ and ‘Starch, Derivatives and their By-products Sectional Committee’ of the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). A few other prestigious positions he holds include that of the Convenor of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), member of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), member of the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB), and Vice President of the Junior Chamber International (JCI),Dhaka East.


For his expertise and innovation in business, Minhaj has received the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Award 2021’ by JCI Bangladesh; ‘Manager of The Year Award 2020’ by the Europe Business Assembly, (EBA) Oxford, UK; and the ‘Young Asian Entrepreneur Award’ in 2020-2021. Receiving awards like ‘The Visionary Leader’ in 2019 and ‘Global Leader in Commerce Management’ 2020 -The BIZZ Award from the World Confederation of Business, Houston, USA have made Ahmed a renowned name in the global food and beverages industry.


Introducing top-quality foods and beverages has always been Minhaj’s priority. Alongside, he is focused on maintaining the position in the market and creating meaningful employment for the youth. Minhaj also plans to expand the company globally through his business ideas and innovations.

Tough times can never stop efficient and capable leaders like Minhaj. During the pandemic, Minhaj introduced Ahmed Xpress Delivery and Ahmed Xpress Chain Shop to help the customers buy the daily essentials without comprising on their health and safety. When most companies were facing depreciation because of the pandemic, Minhaj kept the company going through sustained efforts, teamwork, and by acclimatising to the changes brought on by the pandemic. He strives to move ahead while strengthening the principles, values and reliability of Ahmed Food Products.