Sreejeet Patnaik

Sreejeet Patnaik

Mother’s Public School was established thirty one years ago, in Bhubaneswar. A need of the society, the school was the perfect solution to the needs and challenges of working mothers. The institute’s first ever batch had just 14 students aged between 2 and 9 years. Initially, the aim was to provide a day-boarding with meal provisions so that working parents could be assured regarding the care and safety of their children. Since then, Mother’s Public School has grown and branched out to accommodate more academic and co curricular facilities for a wider range of age groups. With the recent opening of institute’s new branches in other geographic locations, Mother’s Public School is now reaching new and different parts of Odisha. No wonder, Sreejeet has been integral to this growth and success.


The unique nature of the institution has also been a propelling factor in its increased demand across the state, and it has over 6000 students now. The Institution has grown in strength and stature since its humble beginnings. Adhering to the CBSE norms, Mother’s Public School priortises quality education and academic excellence through a structured curriculum.

Sreejeet feels that young people can be empowered to develop the skills and abilities that make them leaders of tomorrow. This sentiment is reflected in the school’s motto, ‘Service before Self.’ He also encourages the students to actively participate in socio-cultural activities that sensitize the students to respond to the needs of the society.

As a leader, Sreejeet ensures that the students gain knowledge and skills to become public-spirited. It would teach them to help others during difficult times such as a natural disaster, support and speak up for the less privileged, and contribute to humanitarian causes like funding and spending time at old age homes and orphanages.


Sreejeet constantly works to broaden the students’ horizons on the stage, in the field, and in the classroom. He encourages creativity, expression and innovation through the integration of performing arts in the curriculum.

Mother’s Public School prides itself in fostering joy in education, independent thought, and supporting the passions and talents of its students. The after-school opportunities enable students to receive a rich and extended learning experience. Sreejeet and his exemplary staff’s collective efforts promote a positive school culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

He has created a community of passionate learners and truth seekers at the school, with each possessing a robust mind and creative heart. While following a curriculum aimed at the highest standards of academic excellence, the school ensures a congenial environment for the child’s overall development, under his exemplary guidance. In fact, he intends to create an atmosphere of growth that distinguishes students into becoming citizens of sound character, competence, creative leadership, academic excellence, and a genuine concern for people.

The flag of Mother’s Public School continues to soar under the outstanding leadership of Sreejeet. The school has set itself apart with a consistent record of top-quality education, co-curricular activities and social service.