Mirabai Chanu Overcomes Obstacles to Reach the Olympics in Paris

Mirabai Chanu Overcomes Obstacles to Reach the Olympics in Paris

Mirabai Chanu, the esteemed Indian weightlifter, staged an inspiring comeback from a hip injury, securing her spot in the Paris 2024 Olympics after an impressive performance at the IWF World Cup 2024.

Despite a challenging six-month rehabilitation period, Mirabai’s dedication paid off, earning her third place in Group B and 11th overall, solidifying her qualification for the Games. Ranked second in the Olympic Qualification Rankings, her return signifies readiness for the upcoming challenge.

Mirabai’s journey has been characterised by tenacity, with notable accomplishments including an Olympic silver medal and numerous Commonwealth Games golds. She overcame a hip injury she sustained in 2023 by persevering through rehabilitation with the help of her mother and an orthopaedic surgeon. She underwent a successful rehabilitation programme in the USA, reigniting her confidence in Paris.

Despite facing formidable competition in the 49kg category, Mirabai remains undeterred, departing early for France to prepare for the toughest competition of her career. Mirabai’s support for the construction of a temple in her hometown demonstrates how steadfast her commitment to her roots is, even as she strives for Olympic success.

She expresses her desire for peace in Manipur, calling for unity among its people to bolster her pursuit of victory in her third Olympic endeavour.