Mohan Kumar Sundaram

Mohan Kumar Sundaram

With over 30 years of professional experience, Mohan knows what it takes to run a company and to build one, too. Under his stewardship, Plintron has jumped from strength to strength over the years. The dynamic leader is currently making waves in the telecommunications and IT industry and has earned a remarkable position for himself in the national as well as global market.

Mohan is a thought leader in Telecom as a Service (TaaS) for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOS), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Enterprises, IoT services providers & connected Devices. In his previous roles, he had worked in the telecommunications, financial services, and information technology industries, where he headed global operations and held leadership positions. Security, M2M, and smart devices are some of his other areas of expertise. The visionary leader believes that the future will be dominated by smart devices, Crowd-Sourced Networks, and related services that will empower the average man to live a contemporary lifestyle.

Mohan specializes in bringing a commercial perspective to technology and service delivery. He also has international expertise working with regulators and network service providers of different countries to develop the full MVNO model and commercialize network sharing.


When asked about his greatest achievement in life, Mohan said it was Plintron’s global reach across all six continents, which was achieved through strategic planning and execution. Due to his unwavering efforts, Plintron has grown into the world’s largest multi-country end-to-end MVNA & MVNE, providing CPaaS services to MNOs, MVNOs, Enterprises, and IoT services. With the help of 1000+ telecom specialists, the astute strategist has led the company to build over 140 MVNOs and connect over 150 million mobile subscribers with mobile network services in 30 countries across six continents.

Over the years, Mohan has been helping businesses grow their revenue by providing top-notch products and services, as well as cost savings through network sharing and outsourcing. He can guide nearly any business toward obtaining tangible results in the world of cloud computing.


Mohan always puts his people first. He is a powerful motivator who loves boosting the morale of his employees. He also goes to great lengths to ensure his team feels valued. The enterprising leader believes in fostering an inclusive environment to empower his team and foster a productive and healthy workplace culture.

Like a true leader, Mohan listens with the intention of understanding. He values suggestions from his employees. “I place a high value on collective success. To me, success happens when everyone feels like they have a stake in the firm. Therefore, every suggestion coming from my team members is listened to and taken into account,” he asserts.


Mohan is a hands-on leader with significant domain knowledge of both business and technology, as well as regulatory awareness, which helps him to be directly involved when solution design and monetization are required. He thrives because of his focus, attention to detail, and refusal to make assumptions without verifying facts. Understanding the nitty-gritty of every project is a quality that is well pronounced in his personality. Additionally, his sense of curiosity inspires him to seek new opportunities and explore new horizons. “My curiosity never wanes and I am always receptive to fresh ideas,” says the forwardthinking leader.

Eternally optimistic, Mohan sees limitless possibilities for the Plintron Group as it continues to witness significant growth across the globe. Looking ahead to the future, the ambitious leader says Plintron Group will focus on becoming the largest Telecom as a Service (TaaS) and Cloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaas) player in the world with a presence in 52 countries by 2025. “Company efficiency is the most essential aspect for us to focus on,” he said when asked how he and the company as a whole plan on hitting those targets. “Because there is so much rivalry in the market, we tend to remain as competent, proactive, and costeffective as possible,” he explains. Mohan wishes to transcend beyond horizons, through a strong desire for innovation, focus on quality, high emphasis on human resources, rigid compliance, and efficient risk management.


Amid the COVID-19-induced epidemic, the Plintron Group has handled the challenges of corporate governance admirably under his dynamic guidance. Mohan says, “The COVID-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard, and everything seemed to change abruptly.

Despite the uncertainty looming large over the industry following the COVID-19 outbreak, we geared up to overcome even the most difficult challenges that were thrown our way.” He adds, “Even during the pandemic, we have been hiring for new positions to help the sluggish global job market and economy.” Thus, despite the nationwide lockdowns imposed by the governments of different countries, he made sure the company continues to grow. Every new challenge is an opportunity for Mohan to learn something new, and he uses each setback as a launching pad for himself and his organization.


Mohan’s dedication and ceaseless endeavors have helped Plintron receive the Best Companies in India Award – CPaaS category 2020 from Berkshire Media. What’s more, in 2019, Forbes Technology Council approved Mohan as a member of its exclusive community of world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives. As one of the members of the prestigious Council, he has access to approved business service partners, membership-branded marketing collateral, and its member concierge staff.