Naresh Kumar Dinodiya

Naresh Kumar Dinodiya

Possessing an extensive experience of more than 4 decades, the Managing Director of P.L. Global Impex Pte. Ltd., Mr. Dinodiya has been efficiently carrying forward the legacy of excellence established by his father, the late Shri Pyarelal ji, a pioneer in pulses trade in Myanmar. Under his able leadership, the firm has established a stronghold in the Indian and South-East Asian markets. Owing to his dedicated efforts, the organization has diversified into numerous infrastructure-based projects and has developed a wide distribution network. It has been successfully running well-established restaurants such as The Corriander Leaf, Fire and Ice, Delhi Deli in Yangon and Shiv Shakti Restaurant in Cambodia. It also has a presence in the manufacturing and service industry besides excelling in the Import and Export Trading Business.

They have four divisions in Distribution network Pharma, Consumer, Hardware and Textiles. They have been dealing with more than 100 multinational companies in the distribution network. The distribution network itself is supported by an experienced and loyal workforce of over 1000 employees. Under the guidance of Mr. Dinodiya, the firm has been effectively catering to the needs of the South-East Asian market. Moreover, they also have a Leather products manufacturing unit in Kolkata, India.

A versatile leader, Mr. Dinodiya associates with various organizations and shares his rich insights as the President of the Indian Association of Myanmar, Founding Member of OATAM, and Founder and Vice President of the Indian Myanmar Chamber of Commerce. He initiated the establishment of Myanmar Cricket Association. He is also a member of various initiatives like the Rotary Club, FICCI, CII, IPGA, GPC, Merchant’s Chamber, SICC, SAM, and Pulses Association.

He has been deeply inspired by his father who charted his own route to success.


With a go-getter attitude, Mr. Dinodiya drives the team towards ambitious goals by aligning various models of business in line with the organizational goals. He very well understands the difference between a leader and a boss. He is adept at the art of retaining staff and co-workers and considers them as an extended family. He is the one who initiates new paths so that others can follow. He takes calculated risks and is always bent on working on new initiatives for the growth of the company and its diversification in various segments.


A self-made leader, he considers acknowledgement of his hard work by his friends, competitors and family to be quite rewarding. He attributes his success to the support and special sacrifices made by all his family members. Even though he has received numerous awards and accolades in life but he feels that he still has a long way to go. As he puts it, “My hard work, and dedication are the main determinants of my success. Starting from the scratch to where I am today, gives me a sense of achievement.”


An innately-optimistic leader, Mr. Dinodiya perceives every adversity as an opportunity for growth. He has never shied away from challenges and believes in facing them with courage. He is of the view that one needs to constantly adapt and evolve to match the changing times. He asserts, “There will be challenges always, like you have seen the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all the lifestyle and business practices – virtual meetings, work from home, online businesses, home deliveries, etc. have become a necessity in life, hence one has to adapt accordingly.”

Sharing his piece of advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs, he elaborates, “For short term growth, I feel we should work to save and grow what is in hand, try to adopt modern ways of working to get the maximum output with least cost. You should depend on your own finances rather than borrow from a bank.” Despite competition, he has been mentoring and extending help to young entrepreneurs and new business entrants to South East Asia market to establish successfully and set up businesses. He adds, “For long term, I feel that despite the ongoing pandemic, there are opportunities for growth in various sectors. One must select carefully and make an entry with precaution, don’t go overboard. People should not go for too much external borrowing rather have shareholders in the company so that the cost stays under control. To sum up, one must have a cautious approach, not stretch too much, and diversify as much as possible within control.”


Under his visionary leadership, P.L. Global Impex Pte. Ltd. has received multiple awards and accolades at various national and international platforms. Owing to his dedicated efforts, the organization has been constantly growing, evolving and reaching greater heights by consistently providing quality services to its customers at affordable prices. The firm has received Best Exporters Award from the Council of Leather Exports in India continually from 1978 to 1992 – from the Union Ministers and the Hon’ble President of India. It has received Asia Pacific Award in Singapore organized by SICCI & DBS, from the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore for the years 2006 and 2008. Mr. Dinodiya has received Rajasthan Pravasi Divas Award from the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.


The Group, by tradition, undertakes environmental, philanthropic, ethical and socio-economic responsibilities. For Mr. Dinodiya, CSR is a “way of Life.” He stresses, “We at PLG strongly believe in giving back to society at large, after all, if the society is strong then your business will prosper too, it also makes the people around you, more comfortable and loyal to you. If we get something, we must also give back to society.” He adds, “CSR activities develop the community. They help in the growth of society through better facilities, better healthcare, better education, & work for all in the locality, etc. It leads to a better business environment because if all are healthy and prosperous then good business sense prevails.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, he undertook various measures to protect and restore the mental health of the employees and donated food, medicines and essentials to the needy. He also donates regularly to schools, hospitals, temples, monasteries and orphanages.