Mount Litera Zee School

Mount Litera Zee School

Promoting holistic education which goes beyond rote learning and encouraging children to have conceptual clarity and understanding, the academic culture at Mount Litera Zee School emphasizes, encourages, and facilitates students to extend learning beyond academics and imbibes life skills, good habits, and enduring human and socio-cultural values in them.


Mount Litera Zee School integrates world-class facilities to provide an inspiring atmosphere for imbibing knowledge. The school has modern resources and state-ofthe-art technology to enhance the learning process and support latest teaching and learning methodologies. The campus is nestled away from the bustle of the city and has also become an architectural landmark within the educational landscape of Mysore.


Its classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards which enable the teachers to display photorealistic images while explaining scientific concepts and make students explore any part of the world virtually. This makes learning an enriching and engaging
experience. It also features laboratories for sciences, mathematics, and language acquisition to give the students a hands-on learning experience.

Dr. Thomas envisions education as a shared commitment between teachers and parents to enable the child enhance his/ her capabilities, interests and competencies.