Mubadala Development Company

Mubadala Development Company

Christened after an Arabic word Mubadala, which means ‘exchange’, Mubadala Development Company has played a pivotal role in expanding the Abu Dhabi economy. The company strives towards excellence by managing long-term, capital intensive investments that works towards delivering impressive and feasible financial returns coupledwith social benefits.

Heavily focused on investment and development, Mubadala work towards achieving brilliance across multiple sectors and its portfolio is valued at US $65.9 billion. Being an active investor in sectors and across the geographical boundaries, the company believes in long-term value propositions and works in collaboration with the top-notch organization to ascertain impressive joint ventures and investment platforms.

Moreover, the company was established to ensure a better growth potential for Abu Dhabi and aid the government in meeting its socio-economic expectations. The investments plans are directed not only for sustainable deliverables, but also giving Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates socially and economically viable results.

The company foundations were laid with a vision and for a greater good and it work on the philosophy of inclusion and work hand in hand with partners in more than 20 countries across the world.


The company aims at working and investing with world class partners and creating avant-garde establishments throughout the industries of Abu Dhabi. This investment and development company with global reach actively put money in the initiatives that has a potential of giving long term economic potency. The company has several global and operations and services.

With sustainable growth being the key, Mubadala is driven by sheer motivation of turning the UAE as a global hub of financial excellence by providing worldclass amenities. Right from creating an infrastructure that provide a good healthcare solutions to educational services and other facilities, Mubadala is beautifully transforming Abu Dhabi and the UAE.


Mubadala’s business is structured around impressive global business platform that incorporates several sectors in over 20 countries. These platforms do not only help the company to retain excellent benchmark of Governance and risk management, but also perk up the face value and puts impetus on growth.

The company is involved in the sectors like Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining, Defense Services, Semiconductors, and Renewable energy, Information & Communications Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate & Infrastructure and Capital Investments.

Of all the sectors, the Aerospace & Engineering Services acts as foundation for investing and incubating aerospace, defence and ICT businesses. The vertical is of immense importance for the Government of Abu Dhabi as it will propel growth and give Emirates a unique identity across the world in the field of technology and energy and help it to reach the capital intensive areas. Some of the areas of its work are composite aero-structures manufacturing, satellite broadband services, data hosting, maintenance, repair and overhaul of specialised aerospace equipment.

Besides, Mubadala Petroleum is an international, upstream oil and gas business which deals in hydrocarbon exploration, natural gas importation, renewable energy power projects and clean technology research, while Masdar is a renewable energy company that institutes establishment of viable renewable energy. The company is driven by sheer passion for a sustainable growth in the region.

The company also deals majorly in semi-conductor sector and manages UAE’s industrial champion Emirates Global Aluminium and wholly-owned Mubadala’s GLOBALFOUNDRIES, world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry,while the healthcare platform has impressive than 60 medical and surgical specialisations across the seven facilities.