Muppala Sreedhar

Muppala Sreedhar


Muppala Sreedhar, fondly addressed as CA Sridhar by his contemporaries, is a renowned educationist, chartered accountant, and entrepreneur from Telangana. He established the Tapasya College of Commerce and Management and the Tapasya Educational Institutions in 2009 to offer excellent pedagogy training to enrich students.

Within a short period, Muppala Sreedhar has turned the institute into an institution of repute in commerce and management education. Today, the group has seven branches in Hyderabad and four in Bengaluru. Simply put, the entrepreneur has marked a strong presence in the field of education in South India.

The educational institute is one of the many ways through which Muppala Sreedhar aims at achieving his vision. His aim is greater, and for that, he has founded several other firms, such as Tapasya Infra-Ventures, Tapasya Financial Corporation, and Tapasya Agri Feeds.

Today, he is a proud founder of some of the best-performing companies in South India. The way he has taken each of the firms towards success has earned him respect from both young businesspeople and industry veterans.


Success did not come to Muppala Sreedhar overnight. He strived hard since childhood to be where he is today. Coming from a farmer’s family, he realised in his childhood that only education could help him grab the best opportunities. His parents, Shri Venkaiah Muppala and Smt. Aruna Muppala, too ensured that Muppala Sreedhar gets all the attention and support to grow higher in life. All these efforts and support paid off when Muppala Sreedhar not only qualified as a Chartered Accountant, but also emerged as a topper.

This milestone changed his entire life. Muppala Sreedhar later joined Deloitte and worked as a Deputy Manager for three years. But, over time, he realised that his passion was somewhere else. Thus, he switched to teaching and founded the Tapasya Educational Institutions.

In the past 12 years, he has taken pride in imparting commerce education to over 55,000 students. His institute has also acquired three more colleges, namely, Ideal Degree College, Ushodaya Degree College, and Rachnoutsav College of Commerce and Management, to train more and more students for a brighter future.


Muppala Sreedhar has also invested significant time and resources in giving back to society. He has initiated several programs at Nellipaka’s Gram Panchayat. For instance, Muppala Sreedhar started ‘NTR SevaSamithi’ to elevate the gram panchayat in terms of education, health, and employment. He also founded a high school with an integrated library facility for poor children. The initiatives also include donation drives of sports kits to the children in the area and the organisation of tournaments to encourage a competitive spirit.

In terms of healthcare, Muppala Sreedhar has organised free mega health camps in association with Care Hospitals, Prabhu Diabetic Research Centre, and Vasan Eye Clinic. Similarly, he undertook the repairs of water tanks and the construction of solar panels, toilets, and dustbins to show his support under the Swachh Bharat Mission. The list of social initiatives of Muppala Sreedhar continues. He had been driving excellent initiatives during the COVID-19 crisis as well. For all the work he has done in the field of education, business, and social activities, he has been felicitated with several honours and awards. He received the ‘Leadership Award’ for excellence in education from the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2013. He also received the ‘Times Education Icon Award’ in 2017 and 2019.