Soumya Acharya

Soumya Acharya


Soumya Acharya is a technology pundit who has a deep understanding of technology and its potential applications. His ability to think strategically and architect complex solutions has enabled his organisation to develop cutting-edge solutions that address real-world challenges faced by businesses across various industries.

That is the quality that has driven him through the years and made him a thought leader in the industry. One of the keys to Soumya’s leadership style is the emphasis on letting go of traditional conformity and transitioning from a control-based culture to one that is self-governed.

The business leader does not believe in hierarchical management styles and values his team’s availability and reachability more than their physical presence. For him, the strength of the team lies in each member, and the strength of each member is the team. This ethos is reflected in the company’s culture and values, which are lived and exemplified by the leadership team.


Soumya believes in building a workplace where people have fun and work feels like play. He believes that a free and fun work environment is the key to creative thinking, collaborative brainstorming, and out of the box solutions, and leads to innovation in technology. For him, success is about creating a workplace where people are happy, motivated, and inspired to do their best work. The leader believes that it is not so much about the employees’ physical presence as it is about their availability and reachability. The team of over 50 has more than 100 years of combined CX experience and has completed over 50 projects in over 10 countries.

In addition to fostering a positive workplace culture, gender equality is the focus of his work culture, and recruitment is very value driven and organic. CXP Lab is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce leading to better perspective, decision-making and problem-solving.


Soumya’s leadership style is liberal and infectious. He is also passionate about nurturing and developing future leaders by encouraging everyone in the team to work with freedom, make mistakes, and learn from experience thereby empowering them to be decisive, and take ownership.

By providing opportunities for growth and development, he is helping create a pipeline of talent that will drive the success of the organisation in the years to come. CXP Lab has a dynamic team with more than 100 years of combined CX experience. The company has completed over 50 projects in more than 10 countries – a testament to the team’s expertise and Soumya’s leadership. Under Saumya’s leadership, the CXP Lab aims at empowering companies to deliver more efficient and effective customer experiences using innovative technologies and design thinking.


Led by a people-oriented leader, the team at CXP Lab has won several awards. Yet, what excites Soumya more is a day he meets an interesting industry peer, has an interesting conversation or comes up with a path-breaking disruptive idea.

Soumya Acharya is a leader who understands the importance of creating a positive workplace culture, fostering diversity and inclusion, and investing in the development of future leaders.

He understands that technology is a tool that can be used to simplify businesses. His enthusiasm for exploring uncharted territories is what always keeps him relevant.

Saumya’s commitment to these values is reflected in the success of his organisation, and he serves as a role model for other leaders who seek to build successful, sustainable organisations that are grounded in strong values and a commitment to people.