Nakheel Properties

Nakheel Properties


Nakheel Properties, also known as Nakheel Corporation, has emerged as a major real estate developer in Dubai, UAE. Their aim is to create landmark developments to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the country. They specialize in various types of real estate projects including residential, tourist, commercial, and retail properties. Operating under the motto “Where Vision Inspires Humanity,” the company is dedicated to pioneering residential developments that are imaginative, innovative, and standardized.

Nakheel is renowned for its ambitious land reclamation projects such as the Palm Islands, the Dubai Waterfront, The World, and The Universe Islands. Among their notable residential developments are The Gardens, International City, Jumeirah Islands, and Jumeirah Lake Towers. Additionally, the company has ventured into shopping projects like The Dragon Mart (located at International City) and Ibn Battuta Mall.

In addition to its projects, Nakheel is also actively involved in Dubai’s bid to host the World Expo 2020. The company boasts an extensive portfolio of over 800,000 square meters of retail, leisure, and entertainment projects, aiming to contribute to the economic growth of the region.

Nakheel operates through four main divisions: Nakheel Marine and Leisure, Nakheel Hospitality and Leisure, Nakheel Developments, and RetailCorp. Each division oversees specific aspects of the company’s operations. For example, Nakheel Marine and Leisure manage marine leisure-related projects, Nakheel Hospitality and Leisure focus on hotels, beach clubs, and community recreation centers, Nakheel Developments handle structural projects, while RetailCorp is responsible for shopping malls and retail services.


Without a great team, one cannot attain any illustrious position in the business world. Therefore it becomes an irresistible need for any enterprise to have a great team of hardworking, determined, and innovative people. Nakheel Properties feels blessed to have such dedicated and talented team that helps them in seizing new opportunities and turning them into fruitful results. The company’s Delegation Team strives hard to provide excellent and fruitful information about the company to the first time VIP visitors who want to understand how the company works and how it has become a renowned enterprise. By making use of various activities such as boat trips, scale models, media, and site visits, the team ensures that every visitor enjoys the prime experience.


The company is proud to involve itself in various CSR activities. With an aim to give something back to the people, the company strives hard to bring a change in the socio-economic development of the Emirate. It regularly organizes initiatives such as blood donation camps, turtle rescues, winter clothing donations to Syria etc. Further they also keep in mind that in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment, they use effective ecological conservation and waste management programmes. Recently, in collaboration with Dubai’s Dar Al Ber Society, they also launched a donation scheme at the Ibn Battuta Mall on the occasion of Ramdan. At Nakheel Properties, they want that people should get a place they can call home which is beautifully furnished and is the epitome of comfort and style. They also get support from the government and manage to create a new evolving picture of Dubai. Speaking on the successful journey of the company, its chairman proudly asserts that “Nakheel has created spectacular landmarks, distinctive residential communities and unique retail destinations, which have helped put Dubai firmly on the map as a visionary city of the future.”