Navin Vij

Navin Vij

Navin founded Parabellum International in 2010 while he was a university student with no experience. Nevertheless, he was optimistic that he could build a WA-headquartered company with deep resources that would provide compelling careers for its people and long-term partnerships based on service delivery that would add real value to its clients.

The company quickly gained traction and is now a thriving global leader in emergency response, healthcare, risk management, and training services. A well-defined strategy and inclusive leadership have allowed him to lead the company to become a market leader in the Emergency Services, Medical & Safety Industries. Today, the organisation provides its clients with a wide array of services, including firefighting and emergency response services, medical services, health, safety and emergency management systems, emergency response vehicle and equipment hire, sales, design & maintenance services, and emergency response and medical training. The leader spends equal time with his clients, the industry, and his business. With a broader peripheral vision, he strives to stay ahead of his competitors by ensuring Parabellum always adds value.


Navin started Parabellum International with just two people, and took only a few weeks to grow to 25 employees. With his unwavering effort, the ambitious leader catapulted the organisation to new heights of success. He says, “The strain was immense, but everyone tackled it together and worked hard to build our company, and Parabellum International was born as a result.”

Today, the company is a thriving business with offices worldwide and hundreds of employees. Its proven operational experience in high-risk and remote locations is unsurpassed in the onshore and offshore oil, gas, mining, resources, energy, government, defence and waste sectors.

Navin founded Parabellum on a set of core values and beliefs that form the foundation and guiding principles of the company. He emphasises the significance of agility, transparency, and making a difference in the lives of others, which sets him apart as a leader. These values also shape the organisation’s actions, decisions, and overall culture. He recognises that agility is critical for success in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment. Thus, he encourages his team to be nimble, adaptable, and open to new ideas and approaches. Likewise, by fostering an environment of transparency, Navin sets the tone for a positive and productive work culture.

Lastly, Navin and his team are driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through his business practices, community involvement, and philanthropic efforts, he aims to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy. These core values also serve as a rallying point for his employees and help them create a sense of purpose and meaning within the company.


Under Navin’s leadership, Parabellum International’s key priority is to ensure the safety of its clients’ projects and deliver “measurable value” throughout the entire project life cycle so that its clients can meet their project deadlines and budgets. To ensure the successful completion of projects, the team strives to continuously monitor and improve processes and communication while delivering value driven results. This approach has led the company to emerge as a trusted partner for delivering top-notch results at any stage in the life cycle of a project. Parabellum’s team of dedicated experts led by Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Jessica Keogh, support client’s projects in all phases, from exploration to operations, in the short, medium, and long term. They go the extra mile to ensure that their client’s requirements are met with the utmost dedication and precision. They are dedicated to bringing the highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality to their clients, providing the best outcomes for even the most complex tasks.


Navin is a shining example of success. Over the years, he has accomplished several milestones that have elevated his company to the top. His company was awarded its first contract based on its excellent service standards, demonstrating that its innovative approach was well-received and promising. While developing Parabellum, Navin cultivated an inclusive and diverse leadership style that is completely immersed with his workers and clientele. Navin appreciates the importance of teamwork and works closely with his team, collaborating on ideas while fostering a culture of open communication. He also strives to build solid relationships with clients, seeking to understand their needs and finding creative solutions to their challenges.

The young business leader had to take risks since he was starting from scratch. Navin, always the entrepreneur, understood the importance of measured risk taking from a young age which he used his savings as capital to start his own business. These savings allowed him to cover the initial costs associated with starting a new venture. He also borrowed money to buy the significant assets he needed to fulfil contracts. During the first two years, Navin did not collect a salary, ensuring the company had enough cash to grow. Instead, he invested his money to ensure the company had a bright future. He believes in setting realistic expectations to deliver the best possible product or service. “This mantra not only drives our operations, but also shapes our corporate culture,” he says.


Navin’s commitment to the community is a substantive part of his business strategy. Over the years, he has facilitated the development of state-based skills through indigenous collaboration. Furthermore, he took the lead in developing skills from the ground up in Western Australia to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Parabellum is deeply committed to minimising his organisation’s environmental footprint by consistently selecting products and equipment that cause the least harm to the environment.


Navin has received acknowledgements regarding his leadership from his peers, clients, and colleagues. He is a winner of Western Australia’s Business News 40 under 40, which is a recognition of the brightest young business leaders in Western Australia. Navin is now pursuing the top position in the APAC region for providing privatised services in emergency management, medical care, risk management and training services. He also aims to expand further into government and defence services where Parabellum can continue to make a difference in the lives’ of people around the world.