New Digamber Public School

New Digamber Public School

Education is not the pursuit of knowledge but the spirit to keep learning at every step of and stage in life. This thought rests in the foundation of New Digamber Public School (NDPS), which was set up by a mother who wanted nothing but the best for her children. The year was 1978 when Mrs. Sindhu Mendke with great support from her husband laid the humble foundation of NDPS, after meeting her share of disappointments while seeking the perfect school for her own children. As a post-graduate in education management, Mrs. Mendke often found herself in an argument with school authorities for not being able to provide a holistic learning environment for her kids. It was then that her husband suggested she set up her own school to bridge the wide gap in the education system, which she had realized. The school began with a small strength of 5 students and grew to become a very popular name among the parents for its education quality and personalized care.

With time, the school started witnessing an overflow of aspirants and 7-years later, it had to be shifted to bigger campus. The following decade saw a number of bright students graduating from class 12th of the school and becoming successful professionals adding to the credibility of the institution. In 1995, a brand new campus was set up to serve the growing demands of the parents who were looking for a distinct educational environment for their kids and since then it has remained a home for learners who aspire to grow and contribute to the larger good of the society.


A leading name in the Madhya Pradesh education circuit, the school is built with a belief that childhood experiences are not be restricted to academic transactions only, but should encompass a holistic growth environment aided by helpful guides and curious counterparts. The same thought is leading the workings of NDPS even today. The school stays true to its timeless and core principles of providing quality education with a moral base even today.

Here, the students are taught to value the importance of learning, not just for today but for an entire lifetime. The school pursues excellence not only in academics but in all co-curricular activities as well. NDPS runs comprehensive arts and sports programs that cater to the interests of the students right from a passing one to a serious aspiration of becoming a professional.


Today, the school is home to the best academicians and administrators from across the country who are wholeheartedly contributing to the founders’ mission of becoming the top school across the globe providing unmatched world-class schooling experience. They train the students to be leaders with their feet firmly grounded in high moral and ethical values sensitizing them towards their peers, societies, and environment.

NDPS works to equip each learner with skills and awaken the wisdom within that will help them unfold their own destiny. It has its roots firmed in the true values of imparting education and this helps them in creating lifelong learners who are passionate about their skills.