New Work Visa Rules For Foreign Domestic Workers: Saudi Arabia
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New Work Visa Rules For Foreign Domestic Workers: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has introduced stricter regulations for issuing visas for the recruitment of domestic workers from abroad. The Musaned recruitment platform, designed to streamline the domestic labor market, has outlined key criteria for employers seeking to bring in overseas domestic help. Under the new regulations, the minimum age for an individual employer to secure a visa for domestic workers has been set at 24 years.

Under these rules, Saudi citizens, Gulf nationals, foreign wives of Saudi men, their mothers, and holders of Saudi premium residency permits can apply for visas to hire overseas domestic labor. However, the approval is contingent upon the financial capabilities of the employers. These rules were implemented to control the domestic labor market.

The Musaned platform plays a pivotal role in facilitating these transactions, offering a seamless process for wage transfers through digital platforms like STC Pay and Urpay apps. Notably, the platform provides additional services such as the transfer of a house worker’s service between employers, validation of domestic labor contracts, and resolution of disputes. Various categories of domestic workers, including housekeepers, drivers, housemaids, cleaners, cooks, guards, farmers, tailors, live-in nurses, tutors, and nannies, are covered under these regulations.

As the official recruitment channel for domestic labor in the country, Musaned aims to bring transparency and efficiency to the recruitment process, ensuring the rights of both employers and domestic workers.