A destination that has it all, and diversity being its greatest attraction, Nicaragua is enjoyable, with natural beauty, rich and lively culture, incomparable traditions, and history, located in the heart of America, ideal for those looking for something different

By Her Excellency Ms. Guisell Morales-Echaverry, Ambassador of Nicaragua to the United Kingdom

Nicaragua offers you sun and beach, adventure, nature, culture, cuisine, and, colonial cities, everything that a tourist looks for on their trips. When arriving you will be greeted by its tropical weather that gives you energy and encouragement to go out and discover the country, walk through its streets, visit cities that date back to the Spanish era where you can breathe the living culture in each place, get to know the traditions, history, the exquisite gastronomy or tour its picturesque villages by bicycle, sharing with its people who, due to their unique hospitality, will capture you from the very first moment.


The culture of Nicaragua is a product of the mixture of indigenous identity with Spanish and African heritage, traditions, dances with different musical rhythms, and especially culinary customs are still preserved— one of the aspects that most attracts tourists since it captures the essence of the places where it is prepared– shows autochthonous features of each area and contributes to the rescue of the different cultural expressions of the country, becoming something attractive during your visit.

The colonial cities include urban, cultural, and historical tourism with incredible architectural sights. Granada and León are the oldest cities, founded in colonial times in 1524. An important icon of León is the Insigne y Real BasílicaCatedral de la Asunción de la Bienaventurada Virgen María, known as the Cathedral of León, the largest in Central America and one of the most beautiful in America, for its artistic and historical value, it was declared a National Historic Monument on December 14, 1999, and elevated by UNESCO to the category of World Heritage Site on June 28, 2011.


Its churches, colonial buildings, architectural, natural and cultural heritage make this department an attractive destination on a national and international level. Likewise, the traditional purísimas, museums, legends, intense folklore, and daily laborious life make this city an unforgettable destination to spend the night and enjoy.


The unique, Granada, a destination that you definitely have to visit, converted into the tourism capital of Nicaragua, located just 40 minutes from Managua, its main attraction is the colonial, neoclassical, and baroque architecture visible in houses, streets, squares, monuments, and churches; La Calzada street is preferred by tourists, taking a ride through its roads by horse-drawn carriages is something typical of the city, and you cannot leave without savoring a delicious vigorón in Central Park or the local market, accompanied by delicious cocoa or grass ―known locally as grama- drink. One of the incredible attractions of Granada is the Islets of Granada, an archipelago that has 365 small islands that decorate the great Lake of Nicaragua, formed by the powerful eruption of the Mombacho volcano, a tropical paradise full of abundant vegetation and native fauna, in which you can see a number of species of birds, monkeys and a wide variety of fish.

The main tourist activity in the islets is boat rides or tours, which are an unforgettable experience for visitors since in these islets you can find different attractions such as the Spanish Fort San Pablo, located there to defend the city from the attack of pirates in the colonial era, also a visit to the Isla de los Monos, visit one of the restaurants located on the islets, either to eat or rest and learn about the culture of the local inhabitants. The national diversity of the country is one of its main attractions, numerous nature reserves are the cover letter of the different destinations that you can visit and activities to do, hiking up amazing mountains of extensive forests, walks between ancient natural canyons, kayaking by the rivers, lakes, and lagoons that complement these natural wonders are just a part of everything you have to do.


Something unique that draws the attention of tourists is the large number of volcanoes, the ring of fire that runs through the country’s geography, constitutes part of its majestic landscapes, with 26 powerful volcanoes, 7 of them active, that offer a range of attractions and activities for doing, visiting them, exploring and appreciating their spectacular views, is simply a privilege. If what you are looking for is adrenaline, you can climb these colossi and see the resplendent magma inside its crater, camp in its surroundings, or even sandboard descending through a table down the Cerro Negro volcano, cool off in the lagoons that are inside or canopy through the treetops, are some of the activities that will leave you dazzled.


There are so many virtues of the country that thanks to its location you can enjoy the beaches of the two oceans, where you will have relaxing afternoons on the Caribbean coast with its white sands and crystal-clear waters, savoring a delicious coconut There are so many virtues of the country that thanks to its location you can enjoy the beaches of the two oceans, where you will have relaxing afternoons on the Caribbean coast with its white sands and crystal-clear waters, savoring a delicious coconut.


A surprising and unique destination in the country is the Ometepe Island, a natural paradise, known as the “Oasis of peace” an icon of tourism in Nicaragua, the Ometepe Island Biosphere Reserve is a tourist standard in the country due to its natural and cultural attractions, which can boast of being the largest island in the world within a freshwater lake with 2 volcanoes, one of them active, is located within Lake Nicaragua or Lake Cocibolca, which only takes an hour by ferry to reach its spectacular coasts, whereupon arrival the colossi Concepción and Maderas volcanoes dazzle, imposing wonders that impress all visitors. This and more is Nicaragua… A multiethnic, multilingual, and multicultural country that stands out for its natural treasures where we are sure that time will simply not be enough, and when it’s time for you to leave you will not want to go, all the beauty of Nicaragua and the affection of its people will make you feel like part of them, a unique country where there will always be something more to do and many experiences to live, unique experiences… original, that will turn your trip into an unimaginable journey