Nikhilesh tiwari

Nikhilesh tiwari

Born and brought up in Kanpur, Nikhilesh set foot in Delhi to start his professional journey. He started as a Sales Manager in Suvidha Infoserve – a fintech organisation. From then on he started his journey to gain all the experience in Fintech. He also worked with Vodafone for some time. Although entrepreneurship was always on his mind, he decided to wait till the market is ready for what he was proposing. After working for around 15 years, he decided to take the plunge and started Spay India.


The journey of Spay India had to wait for the market to be digitized and online payments to become mainstream. As soon as Nikhilesh sensed that the time is right, he started building Spay India piece by piece. He and his Co-founder Mr. Sandeep Dhawan started building Spay India with only one goal – to be the best service provider in the fintech industry. Nikhilesh and his team decided to focus on empowering the migrant population and other underserved sections of the Indian economy. Spay India is a growing B2B portal that offers a range of services like online money transfer, Aadhar enabled payment system, utility bill payment, travel, bus ticket booking recharge, insurance, and other services. Nikhilesh has one rule – to offer services where the customers need them, when they need them and in whatever manner they need them. Thanks to his years of working in the field, he knows that getting the pulse of the customer is the first step, rest follows automatically. At Spay India, Nikhilesh has trained his team to speak the consumers’ language. He has built a network of agents and merchants to be present at as many locations as possible and provide a hassle-free platform for all financial services to his customers. The biggest strength of Nikhilesh is that he knows his market and his goals are set. He wants to use fintech to bring about equality. He wants everyone to enjoy digital payments and feel empowered. This is also reflected in the kind of targeted products he has in his suite – micro-ATMs, domestic money transfers, POS, and many more.


Nikhilesh’s immense focus and sharp vision played a major role in building this organisation from the ground up. Under his leadership, the company has been growing at a rapid pace and now has an annual revenue of INR 100 crores. He managed to build a core team and roped in some very experienced people from the industry to help him make Spay Technology a reality. Despite no background in business, no IVY league, or IIM degrees, Nikhilesh has managed to build something that many can only dream of. He was dismissed as an underdog when he started his journey, but he took it upon himself to work tirelessly to achieve his goal. Today, Spay India is slowly and steadily carving its own distinct niche in this huge Fintech industry. Nikhilesh’s message to all aspiring entrepreneurs is to be patient but stern and face competition with grounded aggression, without losing focus. As for Spay India, the journey has just begun. Nikhilesh and his team are looking at a bright and action-packed future. Nikhilesh envisions Spay India to reach every nook and corner of India’s tier-4 & 5 cities, towns, and rural areas. He wants to build a network of millions of exclusive stores – each of them operating as a mini bank for his customers. While it’s all a vision, for now, that’s how every journey begins – with a dream.