Sourav Mishra

Sourav Mishra

After completing a Bachelor of Economics degree, Sourav received his certification in Economics and International Business in 2020 from the International Business Management Institute in Germany. As a result of this course, he gained a thorough understanding of market structure and strategies to design, develop, expand, generate, and invest in the global markets with the correct knowledge and economics.

Sourav began his career in 2016 as the Manager – Operations in a Fintech Start-up where he learned about fintech industry and ending up driving it. The ambitious entrepreneur also co-founded Rounderz Ventures, a travel and event company, in the same year. In 2021, he joined SPay Technology Pvt. Ltd., a growing B2B platform that offers a wide range of services, including bill payment, online fund transfers, prepaid mobile recharge, insurance, ticketing, trip bookings, and more. SPay Technology is reaching unprecedented heights under his leadership.


Sourav is also an expansion consultant and strategist. He has aided countless startups and businesses in achieving explosive growth and new sources of revenue. As a growth consultant, he assists firms in identifying new prospects and ways to improve their existing business offerings. Simultaneously, he is a specialist in analysing current market fundamentals and recommending better ways to serve clients.

He is a thoughtful entrepreneur who understands the needs of his customers and caters to their preferences. To improve the quality of his services, he is currently working on developing an unrivalled platform that provides financial services to customers’ doorsteps or into their hands, regardless of their location. Under his supervision, SPay Technology recently launched a phygital platform to fulfil the banking needs of low-income communities in rural India. Sourav argues that while digital India has progressed, people in rural regions still lack the knowledge and resources to conduct all transactions electronically.

To that end, he has developed the phygital platform, which allows customers to find customer service centers near their homes. These physical locations will make it easier for low-income people to use banking services such as money transfers, Aadhaar-based withdrawals, micro ATMs, flight train bus ticketing, and so on. This laudable endeavour is a continuation of the digital India dream, opening up a plethora of opportunities in rural banking.


Apart from meeting rural banking demands, Sourav’s phygital platform also aims to eliminate unemployment by providing employment opportunities. This is accomplished by paying commissions to network partners who work with customers and help Spay Technology achieve its goals.

By digitising banking, SPay Technology network partners have emerged as micro-entrepreneurs who have formed a connection between rural and urban India. In this way, they have advanced the significance of the government’s digital India campaign. In a short timespan, Sourav has led his company to reach a service base of 16 million customers with its 30,000 network channels, which is indeed a commendable achievement. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be prepared for harsh lessons, to roll with the punches, and to never give up.