Nitin Naik

Nitin Naik


An engineer by education, Nitin knows one thing for sure – it takes dedication and the right vision to achieve goals. He always intended to put sufficient time and energy into each of his projects. Whether as a design engineer or a Chief Executive Officer, he never stopped learning.

Nitin is now one of the top leaders in the industry because he is curious to discover and gain new knowledge for actionable solutions. His company, Blueberry Semiconductors, is serving customers across the globe and has delivered hundreds of successful projects, and the credit for this level of expansion rightfully goes to the leader.

He leveraged his network to learn deeply about the semiconductors industry. Now, Blueberry Semiconductors offers services in niche areas such as ASIC/SoC, embedded product engineering supported by machine learning, industrial IoT, and artificial intelligence.


Entrepreneurship was not his first choice. He was just passionate about engineering. So, after schooling, he received a diploma in electronics and telecommunication engineering and enrolled in Nagpur University for a Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering.

Right after college, Nitin started his career with Electronica Mechatronic Systems as a Design Engineer. Later, he did various stints in companies like AdorPowertron, Saint-Gobain India, Spike Technologies, KPIT Cummins Infosystems and E-Infochips.

These years in the corporate world revealed the ins and outs of the tech industry to him. Some of his positions were directly associated with project management, where he played an instrumental role in business development and customer relationships across the globe. Little did he know that these skills would be a game changer for his career.

In 2013, Nitin established Orange Semiconductors, which grew to over 50 employees in just three years. Due to the venture’s extraordinary success, Moschip Semiconductors Limited acquired it. But Orange Semiconductors wasn’t the only start-up founded by Nitin.

Later, the entrepreneur teamed up with other experienced professionals and established Blueberry Semiconductors. The organisation is headquartered in Bengaluru and exclusively focuses on the Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Design and Verification domain.

Due to its excellent success record, it was recently listed among India’s Most Promising Semiconductor Companies to Watch in 2022 by the Inner Review.


Backed by his 25 years of experience, Nitin is now ensuring that his organisation sets a new benchmark in the tech world with its futuristic and innovative products. He realises that over the past few years, the semiconductor industry has evolved a lot in terms of scientific innovation, the complexity of design and business models.

Therefore, he has made Blueberry Semiconductors a one stop destination for semiconductor services and niche software (artificial intelligence-machine learning) solutions. He also provides that every new engineer hired by the organisation gets expert mentorship to align with its values and goals.

Under his leadership, the organisation has started its global journey. The clientele includes names such as SanDisk, Intel, Mahindra, EnSilica, Raymond, Microsemi and Infineon, to name a few.

Nitin now aims to make Blueberry Semiconductors a 100-million-dollar Indian tech company. If he keeps adding more international clients and successful case studies to the portfolio, this dream will get materialised soon.