Nooraine Fazal

Nooraine Fazal

With a Master of Science degree in Management from Boston University, Nooraine has extensive expertise to back her. Before returning to India, she worked at key positions with corporate giants like IBM and Reuters for 10 years. Having spent a considerable number of years across the globe, she came back to contribute to the betterment of the education sector by laying emphasis on bringing about a positive change in imparting education to the younger generation. In 2005, she co-founded Inventure Academy, a not for profit organization set up by the India Learning Foundation. Affiliated to the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), Inventure has created its own innovative curriculum based on the learning outcomes defined by CAIE & CISCE, in addition to its own education philosophy and values. The school is now ranked #1 in Karnataka and in the top 3 all India (EducationWorld Cfore 2020). Inventure has adopted Government schools to enable students from less privileged backgrounds to also benefit from its flagship education programs. Nooraine provides a strong voice to represent the needs of students, faculty and school entrepreneurs with the Government. Inventure has contributed to the shaping of Child Safety & Protection and Education policies through its Our Future Our Voice program, and also led an alliance of schools against the government ban of online classes to ensure our children’s #RightToLearn & #RightToEducation.


Situated on an aesthetically designed, green 37-acre campus with indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly integrated, under Nooraine’s guidance, Inventure Academy provides a nurturing environment with modern infrastructure and world-class facilities for pre-kindergarten to the senior secondary level.


The Inventure community lives by its Core Values, which include nurturing individuality and promoting teamwork, providing multiple opportunities to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of an interconnected and rapidly changing world. Further, the school also fosters dynamism, encourages sensitivity and compassion towards the wider community, and focuses on inculcating passion and integrity from an early age. Inventure Academy’s motto, Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) also underlines Nooraine’s vision to enable every student to excel in academics, in one chosen co-curricular activity and be prepared for life.


Recognised as one of the 21 Leaders Transforming Indian Education 2020 by EducationWorld, Nooraine Fazal has an excellent track record, both in her professional as well as her personal achievements. These range from her becoming the Student Union Leader while in college, to representing Karnataka in Cricket and Basketball, actively participating in citizen movements to further various social causes.

Nooraine’s professional career began while she was a student who was keen to maximise her learning both inside and outside the classroom. After she graduated from Boston University and worked in various frontline and management roles across the world. After years of mindful exploration through work, play and travel, she realized that her life’s purpose lay in education aimed at enabling every individual to be the best that they can be and contribute to a better world.