Nirav Rajesh Bhatt

Nirav Rajesh Bhatt

Established in 1981 in Surendranagar, Gujarat, Indiana Ophthalmics is one of the leading companies in the eye-care sector. Nirav has taken forward the legacy of the business started by his grandfather, the Late Mr. H. D. Bhatt. Along with his brother, Mr. Tarang, the CTO of the company, Nirav adeptly takes care of the organisation by ensuring smooth operations and efficient execution of decisions taken by the management. His vast experience and extensive knowledge enable him to efficiently oversee the diverse levels of functioning of the firm.


Under his headship, Indiana Ophthalmics has achieved many feats, which include receiving quality approval from the nations such as Ethiopia and Uganda. Owing to his outstanding vision, the firm has achieved 25% growth rate for 3 financial years. Moreover, their hopes and ambitions have not dampened despite the pandemic and they are optimistic about becoming stronger in the coming years. Besides, he is also aiming to achieve impeccable quality standards to match the international benchmarks and accomplish higher levels of accreditations such as the European GMP.

Under his guidance, the company also aspires to make ground-breaking developments in ophthalmology and introduce better eye-care solutions and products, which could be made available to common people at affordable prices.


Nirav considers each employee of his firm as a family member and therefore has compassionately stood by them in the times of pandemic. While most of the other organizations validated pay-cuts, Indiana group ensured that their employees were paid double the actual amount, considering the declining incomes within their families.

Apart from this, he is a well-known wildlife photographer, which again enables him to reinforce the ‘Go Green’ initiative within his company’s premises. Avoiding plastic and encouraging extensive planting are some of the activities, which he educates the local people about. Under his guidance, the company has also been helping the underprivileged in the times of natural calamities by making regular contributions.


Nirav ascertains an atmosphere that is conducive to productivity. He ensures this by making it easy for the employees to directly converse with the management, when required. Conducting training programs, persuading them to come forward and speak their minds, imparting language skills are some of the other ways adopted for a productive environment. A dedicated team has been deployed to visit seminars and exhibitions, and learn the new-age techniques in the eye care segment.


Being a charter president of the Rotary Club of Wadhwan City, Nirav has been an active participant in bringing about a change through blood donation camps, personality development courses, and by educating the public on various socially relevant topics.

With sincere efforts to bridge the skill gap, Nirav and Tarang have set up a public laboratory for testing the quality and efficacy of pharmaceuticals and food products. The idea is to provide the new graduates with a platform for unmediated training and create better opportunities for them. As responsible healthcare experts, they undertake many such humanitarian initiatives for making a substantial difference to the society.