Nutrezy Bars

Nutrezy Bars

Being well aware of the fact that the physical and mental stress people face today often leads them to consume more processed food, Ms. Kabada, who has always believed in healthy eating habits, was inclined to introduce healthy snacks that are not only nutritious but also delicious. Her determination to help people start eating better led her to create Nutrezy.


Nutrezy found a large number of takers once it was launched as an e-commerce product. After enjoying online success, the brand is all set to take on the retail market and is expected to do well. Nutrezy nutrition bars combine the goodness of various seeds and nuts. The brand has always been keen to understand the likes and dislikes of its customers.

Ms. Kabada’s efforts to ensure taste and health go hand in hand have paid off. By paying attention to these important aspects, the motherdaughter duo has successfully ensured the continuous growth of their brand.


Nutrezy has a wide clientele. Adults and children alike can enjoy these protein bars while following a healthy lifestyle. These bars come in a variety of flavours like Almond Cranberry Crunch, Blueberry Granola Bar and Cocoa Dates Delight and are so tasty that it’s impossible to eat just one bite. Nutrezy has a lot more in the pipeline and its inspiring founder is all set to launch new versions of the bars with millet cereals as well as savoury snacks.