Om Thoke

Om Thoke

With 16+ years of experience in the blogging industry, Om created Bloggers World, the only unified platform that assists all ambitious bloggers with live learning opportunities as well as all necessary resources, thus sparing them from falling prey to pointless theoretical courses. He enjoys digitally marketing every product, growing it from zero to $1 million or more, thus, creating more success stories in India, and he has joined forces with the Green Man of India, Dr K Abdul Ghani, and Pratik Gauri, a serial impact investor, President of 5th Element Group, New York to transform Bloggers World into World’s Largest Impact Blogging Network. Apart from Bloggers World, Om & Pratik have joined hands to launch Digital Scalers, helping startups, SMEs and global brands improve their digital footprint, and revenues through B2B B2C & B2G avenues. He also co-founded STM Doosra in January 2021 with Prateek Dwivedi, another veteran affiliate marketer based in Europe; STM Doosra is an official collaboration with STM Forum – the World’s largest paid community of Affiliate Marketers. It serves as a guide to aspiring bloggers, SEO professionals, affiliate marketers, Indian/Asian eCommerce, etc. He also owns Xpress SEO Solutions, Apparels World, GlowWorms Ventures, and Sanshray Ventures.


Om hails from a middle-class family; he graduated from VTU, Karnataka, India with a B.E. in Electronics & Communications. Since his young days, he has shown a lot of promise. He embarked on the journey of blogging in 2006 & created a series of car blogs until May 2011, when Google wiped out the majority of MFA (Made for Adsense) blogs, causing him to lose more than $100,000 in Adsense revenue. But he didn’t give up and continued creating blogs after blogs, eventually amassing a network of over 6000+ Blogs. He has also worked as the Global Hosting Guide for from 20102015, which was part of NY Times, and now under DotDash Network, it has been rebranded as He has also authored articles on YourStory, BrightHub, DigitalJournal, and dozens of other leading publications.


Om is a digital and content marketing expert with 15 years of professional experience. Apart from having a decade of experience in digital marketing, web development, content writing, & managing global operations, Om also has experience in bootstrapping companies to success. He enjoys mentoring & encouraging young businesses by providing seed capital funding. By the end of this year, he intends to support more than 100 Indian startups. With a view to assisting all aspiring bloggers and startup enthusiasts, he founded the Bloggers World University and eComm World University during the pandemic.


Om has earned several honors. He has been recognized as SEO Consultant of the Year 2017 by Silicon India, Top 10 Inspiring Leaders of 2020 by Insight Success, ETNow Leaders of Tomorrow in 2021 to name a few. He was also speaker at AdWorld 2020, and he’s again speaking at AdWorld 2021, which will be the world’s largest virtual digital conference of 2021, with 100+ elite speakers, and 50,000+ global audiences from May 3-5, 2021. He is also a public speaker who has spoken at prestigious international conferences such as AWA Bangkok 2019, and Payoneer Roadshow. He was also invited to Startup India, Stand Up India which took place in New Delhi in 2016 when the Hon’ble PM of India, Modi ji rolled out the Startup India Plan and a galaxy of stellar entrepreneurs had gathered.