Opesh Singh

Opesh Singh

There are plenty of inspiring stories in the business world, but not all of them star an ordinary man who became a national name due to his hard work and sharp business acumen. Opesh Singh’s journey is among those rare tales of success. He started his business career at the age of 21. Within a few years, his empire grew exponentially. Today, he is a proud founder of Opesh Group, which operates in India, Africa, Canada, and many more.


Hailing from Jaipur, Opesh Singh is now a renowned figure in the business world in India and abroad. But all this was not there 15 years ago. Then, he was just a young graduate who wanted to make it big in life. Thus, after completing his Bachelor’s in Computer Science, he decided to start his firm.

In 2005, he laid down the foundation of the Opesh Group. The venture was initially involved in the drilling and mining sectors. As the years passed, he tapped the global markets to expand his business. His hard work and never-give-up attitude helped him penetrate the African markets relatively quickly. He also partnered with Premium Consulting in Greece to build a strong foundation across international markets.

After 15 years, he runs his business in different countries with various ventures like Opesh International Private Limited, Opesh Consultancy Private Limited, Opesh Store Private Limited, Opesh Singh Foundation, Goldessa, Vyoma International Ltd., and Megha Nath Gold Field. The firms are involved in several businesses, such as mining, construction, consultations, export-import, and manufacturing. His company was also accredited for helping many start-ups and enterprises go ‘local to global.’ As of 2022, the Group has offices in 15 countries. In the upcoming years, the entrepreneur plans to expand his base to over 100 countries.


Being a businessman is just one part of Opesh Singh’s success. He is also known for his exceptional mentorship and consultation, which have helped him become a brand himself. Talking about this initiative, he expressed that he faced many hurdles when planning to expand his business internationally. That prompted him to offer guidance and mentorship to other companies and entrepreneurs who faced a similar issue.

Opesh Singh has curated numerous training and mentorship programs for business enthusiasts to guide them about market research, business strategy, business planning, overseas expansion, and so on. During the pandemic, he helped more than 50 companies in expanding their business overseas.

Looking at the rise of digital platforms, he started his YouTube channel to reach as many people as possible. He teaches entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts on creating export and manufacturing business and taking these to the global level. He also shares the secrets of his success with them.


Today, Opesh Singh’s massive client list speaks the story of his success. Some of his best clients and associates are, A.V. Overseas, Abhiraj International SARL, Focus Mining Pvt. Ltd., Maalo International Ltd., Sonymon International SARL, Blackstone Transcontinental SARL, Pankaj Ivory SARL, The Avenues, Bikaji, Globenex International SARL, Infrica BIZ, and many others. He has started multiple ventures to meet the needs of his clients, like Opesh Store to import and export products and merchandise through his Global Infrastructure and Team.


The secret of Opesh Singh’s growth is not unique. He follows the tried-and-tested methods, and that has worked incredibly for him. The only thing that has made a difference is his perseverance and hard work. The mentor believes that success can be achieved by simply sticking to the schedule and being religious about the roles and responsibilities. He also encourages entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date with the technology and branding techniques of the market. A positive mindset and broad perspective are two key characteristics that have made him one of India’s top business people.

With such strong traits, he is leading a team of experts at Opesh Group while constantly juggling with his academy. But since he is a jack of all trades, Opesh wins in every field he steps in. The solutions that he offers are realistic and quantifiable. For this, he connects with the clients in daily sessions and provides tailor-made solutions based on their needs and business portfolio.


The entrepreneurial journey of Opesh Singh has been fascinating. And so has his journey as an author. Since he knows that everyone cannot afford personal coaching and guidance, he took the time to publish several books that turned out to be best-selling titles in no time. These books include Setting up Business in Africa, Win Sales Game, Do Export & Become Rich, Let’s Become A Ruling CEO, and others. This young entrepreneur guides Indians to establish their businesses abroad through these books. His books have made complicated business topics easy to understand and taught how to apply them in the current economic environment.

He has also authored around ten business programs, specially curated for business people who wish to take their projects to international markets.


Opesh Singh is one of those businesspeople who do not just aim at making profits. He also believes in giving back to society. Over the years, he has contributed selflessly to various social service activities. While working in African countries, he saw the dismal condition of children in terms of nutrition and education. He was deeply affected by the fact that many of these kids did not get proper food, clean water, and education. Thus, in 2021, he founded Opesh Singh Foundation with his business partner Megha Nath.

This initiative aims to help children in Africa get access to the best possible education for a better future. The foundation seeks to achieve this goal by collaborating with established partners to start educational programs in the country.

Recently, Opesh Singh launched foundation activities in Rwanda with the support of the non-profit organisation, Children’s of Rwanda. Through this program, he is working towards financial literacy, education, entrepreneurial development, and mentorship programs for the youth.