Othman A. Ibrahim

Othman A. Ibrahim


Mr. Othman A. Ibrahim has a Master’s in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He has experience in managing COBOL programming, finance, law, and strategic planning. He joined Rawabi Holding in 1989, and since January 2009 has been serving as its Group President and CEO. He has held several significant positions over his long tenure with the organisation, including Group Vice President of Finance and Administration and Group Executive Vice President. The accomplished leader also oversaw the mergers and acquisitions department of an Egyptian consulting firm before joining Rawabi Holdings.


Mr. Ibrahim is the Chairman of several other successful companies, including United Safety Limited, Canada; Singaporean-listed Vallianz Holdings Limited; Equatoriale Energy, Singapore; PT VOM, Indonesia; Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services; Rawabi Archer; Rawabi CETCO; Rawabi Pason; Rawabi Geolog; and Rawabi United Safety Services, to name a few. He is also a Director on the boards of Wildcat Oil Tools in the United States, Redland Industrial Services (Arabia) Limited (RISAL), and Kalaam Telecom in Bahrain. In addition, he is the Chairman of the Audit Committee at Rawabi Human Resources Company and a Member of the Boards of Directors for all Rawabi Holding joint ventures and connected firms.


Mr. Ibrahim believes that success results from solid dedication to one’s principles. He appreciates commitment and excellence, and believes these principles will help Magnom Properties succeed. The organisation treats its clients with quality and commitment. It is concerned about the community on both social and business levels.

The leader believes that Magnom Properties is defined by diversity not only due to its multicultural personnel and services, but also due to its multicultural nature and customers. Each company project delivers a distinct viewpoint that enables Magnom Properties to address issues, overcome obstacles, and offer cutting-edge services to its diverse clients.


Mr. Ibrahim has grand ideas and wants to grow his business significantly. His commitment led to Magnom Properties and Forbes revealing collaborative plans to build a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly tower in the centre of Cairo, Egypt’s New Administrative Capital, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The company is building the zero-carbon tower to help combat climate change. A solar panel rooftop, automated HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) field devices, and a slew of ultra-modern building technologies will be used in the project. His company wants to develop its next commercial real estate project in Saudi Arabia, followed by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Mr. Ibrahim aspires to make his company a leading regional group, providing the basic needs of society through integrated solutions for projects, while continually improving its performance. The enterprising leader is committed to fostering long-lasting relationships with clients, delivering outstanding services by assuring their work’s accuracy and effectiveness, enhancing his staff’s skills to help them reach their full potential, and ensuring excellent, sustainable financial performance