Panamanians Vote To Elect New President In Tight Elections

Panamanians Vote To Elect New President In Tight Elections

José Raúl Mulino, stepping in for barred ex-President Ricardo Martinelli, emerged victorious in Panama’s presidential election with 35% of the vote.

Mulino inherited a country dealing with increased migration, economic downturn, problems with canal transit, and the impact of anti-mining rallies. However, Mulino is supported by Martinelli’s legacy and a thriving economy.

Mulino secured victory over opponents such as Ricardo Lombana, Martín Torrijos, and Rómulo Roux by promising economic expansion and control over immigration. His relationship with Martinelli turned out to be crucial. Mulino wants to address urgent problems such as migration via the dangerous Darien Gap and canal transit.

Voters like Juan José Tinoco prioritized economic stability over corruption weariness. Despite facing legal obstacles, Mulino’s candidature was approved by the Supreme Court, which paved the way for his victory. However, there are still many obstacles to overcome, such as economic difficulties made worse by demonstrations and canal closures.

Shifter from the Inter-American Dialogue emphasises Mulino’s difficult work of managing a political environment that is very different from what it was in past decades. Panama’s debt is rising, and economic growth has slowed, intensifying the hurdles in Mulino’s path.