Parveen Goyal

Parveen Goyal

An MBA in International Business and HRM, Parveen has experience of over two decades in the domain of general trading. He established Sun Corporation in the year 2013. Under his headship, the company is growing at a faster pace and catering to the demand for Basmati Rice from major buyers in many countries, including the UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Turkey, the UK, Australia, and many more. The farsighted leader initially created a niche platform to meet the needs of sellers and buyers. He has a database of over 100 products acquired over 25 years of trade expertise in the international markets of about 37 countries. Owing to his ceaseless commitment, the the company is now growing at a faster pace.


Parveen has transformed Sun Corporation into a multi-business conglomerate making a mark in different business segments. For example, the company has also ventured into the readymade garment business to serve its clients in the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, Sun Corporation also meets the needs of its Indian clients by sourcing a wide range of used and new branded textile machinery from the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, China, and Middle Eastern countries, used for producing all types of textiles & clothing. Moreover, to meet the demands for marble blocks from its Indian, Australian, and Nepalese clients, the firm sources them from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, & other countries. The firm has also carved a niche in the solar energy business. This is evident from the fact that one of the major Indian government corporations has granted it the sole agency contract to sell solar & other projects and products in Africa on behalf of Sun Corporation’s subsidiary firm. Last but not least, Sun Corporation has also assisted its European clients with their IT hardware needs, which were previously sourced from China. The deftness with which Parveen has been handling responsibilities & various projects is indeed admirable.


The leader believes in adhering to a customercentric strategy and the highest ethical standards. With his unwavering efforts, he is turning Sun Corporation into an organization that is not only efficient and successful, but also the most desirable and sought after by consumers. “During my time as a professional, I made some wonderful and deep relations with my customers and those relationships guided me through my initial years of entrepreneurship, helping me reach where I am today. ‘Relationship’ thus became a guiding principle or let’s say the way of life for us at Sun Corporation. We are genuinely a customer-centric organization that places a strong focus on comprehending the needs of clients to offer customized solutions,” says the forward-thinking leader.


The humble leader attributes the success of Sun Corporation to his employees and considers his team the biggest asset for his company. “The company is at its peak today because of a dedicated team of hardcore professionals with passion, dreams, hard work, vision, and expertise in their respective fields,” says the humble leader. The leader also ensures that he hires qualified employees who are capable of managing responsibilities & offering solutions that can improve the customer experience. As a mentor to his team, he always keeps them motivated & strives to transform the work environment into a powerhouses of innovative ideas, where all members are considered equal participants in the process of growth. Parveen believes in implementing excellent corporate governance to maintain transparency between his firm & its stakeholders. He says, “We stay true to all governance standards, as well as all other regulatory requirements, along with our self-avowed corporate brand values. The ethical leader adds, “Corporate governance & accountability serve as a focal point for business initiatives that enhance honesty, ethical conduct, integrity, and clarity.”


Parveen is an embodiment of deliberate calm & boundless optimism. Even the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic & the worldwide health crisis could not dampen his entrepreneurial spirits. Under his leadership, the firm recorded the best performance & growth in the year 2020, even when the Covid-19 pandemic situation was in place. “The outbreak of the pandemic has been a constant source of anxiety for all of us, but we managed to sail through the COVID-19 storm with our surefire business strategies,” said the leader. During the pandemic, Parveen also helped to stimulate the economy by encouraging Basmati rice exports from India & sending foreign reserves to the country for these exports as soon as the clients’ orders were fulfilled. He believes in finding wisdom even in challenges that come his way. For him, challenges, more than anything else, keep him going, no matter how difficult they can be at times. The bold leader says, “Obstacles & failures are the part and parcel of an entrepreneurial journey; it is how you deal with the challenges that matter. While challenges sometimes end up distracting us, they also give us hope & a chance to improve ourselves. Numerous challenges have taught me the dynamics of business and life in general.”


Parveen’s professionalism and unrivaled abilities have earned Sun Corporation a huge amount of recognition. The leading business houses & brands in numerous countries have recognized Sun Corporation General Trading LLC for meeting their demands on time. Additionally, different credit rating firms gave the company an A grade shortly after it was created.

As a result, the business became well known in a short time frame. When asked about his vision for the future growth of his firm in both short & long terms, the leader said, “I intend to provide world-class quality of the products we deliver, value for money, timely deliveries, and a transparent & streamlined business approach, as well as something innovative that has never been executed by a general trading company.” He believes in competing with himself rather than with others and feels that daily improvements can make a big difference in achieving one’s goals.