Patel Roadways

Patel Roadways

Patel Roadways works on both technological space and providing last-minute connectivity to handle e-Commerce cargo. This is where the company has been able to attract the e-Commerce giant Amazon in its fold. It has tied up with Amazon for fast-track delivery of its products to its customers across the country.


The emphasis of the company has changed from a traditional trucking business from one place to another, to mostly Door-to-Door Pick-Ups & Deliveries, through its vast network on the ground and the strength of air cargo space through its On-Board Courier Division.

With better airport space with better infrastructure and facilities, there has been tremendous improvement in the movement of cargo goods. As 75% of its revenue comes from air cargo businesses, Patel Logistics has exclusive bookings from airlines such as IndiGo, Jet Airways and SpiceJet to ship various products.

Another product/division added to its bouquet of services is Warehousing with plans to convert them into Stateof-the-Art Distribution Centres.

Because of its recent new business products & services and the commencement of e-Commerce business, the valuation of the company has risen over par and its share price has risen 15 times within a span of a year.


From a one man-one truck company to 10,000-people conglomerate with 800 offices in 53 years, the journey of Patel Integrated Logistics sums up the growth trajectory of organised logistics sector in India through the ups and downs. Incorporated in 1959, this journey started with founder Asgar Patel himself driving his truck with the first consignment for Glaxo, which stemmed from a vision to transport someone’s precious goods to their destination safely.

The productivity and GDP was 3.77% in the financial year 19611962. In 2011, it was 6.7%. In 2014, it stood at 5.63%. The turnover was Rs. 10 crore in the ’60s, which grew to 150 crore in 2011, and today it is Rs. 200 crore. The company captured 60% of the market in the ’60s & ’70s. Today, among the national carriers, Patel Roadways has a market Share of 75%.

House of Patels has grown to such dimensions that it is currently the most reliable and trusted brand in India, almost a synonym for cargo transportation in India. This is the result of an astute management thinking, coupled with performance.


Safety and surety of consignments is the motto of the group, which has been captured in a most simple yet unique way through the logo – Kangaroo with its joey. It symbolises the Trust and Dependability. Besides this, a kangaroo always moves forward and never backwards – a reminder that the key to success is moving ahead despite the roadblocks.


The unique brand identity has been ably supported by the track record of the company, making it a trustworthy name for carrying goods. With a network spanning 800 stations countrywide, investment in IT, state-of-the-art technology and an Advanced Tracking System coupled with containerization of its entire fleet, Patel Roadways handles around 5 lakh tonnes of cargo worth Rs. 120 billion annually and till today boasts of a distinctive edge over competitors.


As the name itself sounds like the next-door dependable friend, the company has taken care of the humane aspects as well, instilling a strong belongingness among the employees and labourers. The attrition level has been nil all these years, and second- and third-generation workers are now with the company. This emotional quotient has made it so close to the hearts of not just the employees but also the customers.